Our Homeschool Week in Review

This week has been all about the Olympics. We’ve been watching as much as possible live, and then watching what we missed. We’ve had lots of great discussions about time differences, the metric system, and sports rules. We’ve been working on our lapbooks, also.

We haven’t had any of our English Olympic food yet, but tomorrow we’re having fish and chips!

To see what else we’re doing and what we’re using for our Olympics study, visit my Homeschooling and the Olympics post.

My baby, Zach, turned 12 ¬†last Saturday! He’s now in the 6th grade, too. This is the first time in a very long time (13? or something years!) that I don’t have an elementary student! I find that kind of shocking and kind of good all at the same time. lol Now I have 2 twenty something “kids”, three teenagers, and a 12 year old. Next year, I’ll have FOUR teenagers! Yep, I’m old! lol Here’s Zach on his new bike. He loves it!

On Tuesday, some of the kids were making signs for a friends birthday so they decided to do some paintings while the supplies were out. The Olympics made it into two of the paintings. lol The one on the back right is flowers that looked better when the paint was wet. The did a great job and had fun. We won’t talk about the mess, okay?

They’ve been at church a few nights this week for different projects and practices. Tonight there is a cookout for the youth. There are still there as I type this. I’m sure they’re having a blast!

Next week is more Olympics and we’ll start adding in a little regular schoolwork, too.


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