Bible in 90 Days Check In

It’s time for our Week 6 Check-in! Monday is day 36. We are over a third of the way finished!

How’s everyone doing? I’m still behind. I am making progress,though.

But I’m NOT giving up! I’m going to do this! And you shouldn’t give up either! If your behind, keep reading! We can do this together!!

Those of you that are on or ahead of schedule, WAY TO GO! I’m so proud of you! Keep it up!  :)


Don’t forget the Bible in 90 Days Twitter Party!  To make keeping up with the party easier, they’ve started a TweetGrid for the parties. Here’s the link:

You can follow all the posts with the #B90Days tag. Just do a search on Twitter for #B90Days, and the results should be all the posts with that hashtag. I don’t spend very much time on Twitter, but I have attended a few Twitter parties.They can be a fun way to gather with others. I personally can’t keep up with them. lol The Tweetgrid linked above looks like a great way to follow the conversation.


Here are a few links:

Visit Mom’s Toolbox for the weekly Bible in 90 Days post.

Links for all the bookmarks for the chronological plan:


You Are Here in the Bible (Ted Cooper of the Bible in 90 Days Ministry created You are Here in the Bible to help Bible in 90 Days readers get a snapshot of most of the books of the Bible as they were reading. His aim was to keep readers reading and not researching, therefore preserving more time for reading the entire Bible.  This link takes you to page of links to each of his entries.) These You Are Here in the Bible pages are great for yourself, or to do together as a family.



Ok, it’s time to leave a comment below with your progress.

God bless you in your journey to read The Bible in 90 Days!

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  1. Still hanging in there!

  2. You can do it, Linda! I am a day behind, but should be able to catch up. Have a good week.

  3. Dianne Andrews says:

    The good news is that I taught myself to crochet this week. The bad news is that I am now 2 days behind! It’s a bummer you can’t read and crochet at the same time.

    I’ve made 1 baby bootie, and I’m not letting myself start the 2nd until I am caught up. :)
    Dianne Andrews recently posted..First Day of SchoolMy Profile

    • lindaslunacy says:

      Way to go, teaching yourself to crochet! I love to crochet. I have also tried to crochet while reading, it doesn’t work. lol I hope you get caught up quickly so you can finish the other bootie! :)

  4. I’m back on schedule and really enjoying this challenge. I’ve never made Bible reading such a priority before. It’s been great!

  5. Ooops! I forgot to check in yesterday. I’m still reading, (and behind), but I love every minute that I’m able to sit and read. God’s Word is such a blessing! :)