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On to of the usual housework, cooking, homeschooling, family, etc. I preserved more of our harvest for the winter. I put more yellow squash in the freezer and canned more green beans. I have about 4 or 5 quart bags as full as I can make them of yellow squash. I haven’t counted, as I just keep adding. We’ve been eating yellow squash and zucchini several times a week, too. I have a big pile of zucchini waiting to be processed. Those will be grated, frozen, and some canned. I’ll share what I canned them in after I do it so I’ll have pictures. It should be fun!

home canned green beans

I canned 7 quarts of green beans this week to add to the 14 I did last week. I’m hoping to can 7 more after the next picking. I should be able to get at least that many judging by how the green beans look in the garden. I’m not trying for a years worth, I’m just trying to get enough to last the winter. I try not to start using my canned goods until Thanksgiving, and like them to last until the end of March. Having home canned goods for the winter makes the biggest impact on our grocery budget. So that’s what I aim for. While rearranging the canning cabinet the other day, I found a lone quart of corn in the back corner. I thought we were out of corn, so that was a nice surprise. For me, anyway, the family wasn’t as impressed. roflol



Making a home for my family is very important to me and I’m always looking for tips and ideas.

So, link up your posts, and let’s all support each other in making our homes better for our families.

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