This Weeks Favorites

This Week’s Favorites is a collection of articles I loved to read, recipes and crafts I want to try, or recently tried. Instead of hiding them in my favorites folder, I’m sharing them here.

I hope you find lots of new favorites, too!


To Read or Do

Listen to old time radio shows for free
Frugal Gifts
Boys and Their Attitudes
Free Goal Setting and Home Management Printables
DIY Beeswax Cotton Wraps – plastic wrap alternative

Natural Health

Honey Lemon Throat Drops
Minty Toothpaste
Comfrey Ointment
Make Your Own Face Oils
Homemade Lip Chap



To Cook

Healthy Ketchup
Lighter Buffalo Turkey Lettuce Wraps
Low Sugar Zucchini Cookie Bars – I’ll be making these very soon
Gluten Free Cereal BreakfastBars – I really need to make these so I’ll have something to eat!
A Months Worth of Crockpot Freezer Meals


To Craft

Squared Block Reverseable Afghan
Crocheted Cotton Chenille Baby Blanket
Crocheted Scrubbers
Tawashi Scrubber
Free scrubber patterns

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