Family Game Night

Have you signed up with House I love House!  I’ve had 5 or 6 parties so far and they are so much fun. It’s easy, too! After you sign up, when a new party opens you fill out a survey to apply. In a couple of weeks you’ll get an email if you get the party. You party pack comes later, just in time for your party. The party packs always include items for hosting the party, hostess gifts and coupons, and guests gift and coupons. Items in the party packs do vary, though, for each party.

I was excited to get the Hasbro Family Game Night party! The parties were held on New Years Eve. We had so much fun!

Here’s a picture of what was in the party pack:

family game night

Four games – Catch Phrase, Yahtzee, Twister, and Draw Something. Included were batteries for Catch Phrase
Family Game Night cups, party hats, a crown and trophy for the winner
Coupons for me and the guests.

Before the guests arrived, I opened and set up all the games in different areas so we had plenty of room to play. I also wrote the names of the games we were playing on a piece of paper. When someone won a game, they put their name on the list under the game they won. That’s how we determined the winner.

We played games, took a break for snacks, then played more games. The guests had free reign of the games. They could play what they wanted, when they wanted. We often had three different games being played at once.

Here’s a Yahtzee winner:



This was all of ours first time to play Draw Something. It’s so much fun! As you can tell by the faces of the kids playing!

draw something

Twister was a big hit, too. This new version of Twister has a new twist. haha One of the options on the spinner is to put certain body parts in the air. And hold them it there until that part was called again. This proved to be very challenging, especially when the kids were twisted up and had to hold themselves up. We laughed so much! The kids were sore by the end of the night, and were even sore the next day!


And the winner is….  He won the most games over the course of the party. He was much happier than he shows in this picture. He was trying to keep a straight face. lol

game night winner

Here’s a group shot, minus three adults who didn’t want to be in the picture.

family game night


We had so much fun with this Hasbro Family Game Night! These games are all great family games.

Do you have family game nights with your favorite games?
DISCLAIMER: I received this party pack from to have a party. I received no other compensation, and I was not required to write this post. I just wanted to share the fun!

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