Our Homeschool Week in Review

Abby & Zach finally finished the Dayspring Pilgrim Story online course. Due to sickness and holidays, it took them longer to finish. It’s for grades 3-6, but I had Abby do it, too. Zach is in the middle of the final project of building a wetu. He would have finished yesterday, but we couldn’t find the glue. There are always bottles of glue laying around everywhere, until you actually need one. Then I can’t find one anywhere. sigh…

The girls have had a few volleyball games this week. Unfortunately, they didn’t win any of them. :( They are getting lots of practice though, and they are getting better with each game.

I asked Hannah what she wanted to learn how to cook next, and she said lasagna. So she learned how to make lasagna.


She did a great job. They were delicious. Yes, she made two. One 13×9 is not enough for eight people. At least not the eight people I’m feeding!  At the dinner table, her brother hugged her and said I love you! Then after tasting it, he told her she should more time on home ec and less time on schoolwork. lol

Zach kept himself busy the other day making fighter “things” (I don’t know what their called! lol) out of legos. He made quite a few, and insisted I take a picture. lol


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  1. Lasagna? Super yum!! It looks like she did a great job.
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