Saturday on the Farm

It’s definitely winter here in Kentucky!

Icicles on my back porch. And an ice covered cedar tree. I took both of these from my covered back porch without actually stepping onto any ice. lol Ice is definitely not my friend. I’d end up flat on the ground. lol

While looking a the picture above, my father in laws garage, and my mothers yard across the street look like they are covered in snow, but that is in face ice! Yes, my father in law lives next door to us, and my mother lives across the street. We like it that way. :) You can’t see the road in the picture, but there is a road between the brown garage and the hill.

So, yes, it’s quite cold and icy here. I have been planning this years garden. In my head. I have also been organizing my seeds like I said I was going to. In my head. roflol Well, I know where I will store the seeds and how I will store them. I have one of those old library card catalog file drawers in my schoolroom. I’ll be putting the seeds in a couple of those drawers. I’m just not sure if I want to file them in alphabetical order, or in order of planting.

If I file them in order of planting, what do I do about the seeds that I can plant twice, spring and fall? Just refile them after planting? hmmm…….

How do you organize your seeds?




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