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Another busy week here. Can I just say that I’ll be glad when volleyball season is over? Does that make me a bad Mom? I sure hope not! Because our family really needs more nights at home. A couple of the kids have now started complaining if they have a night with no where to go. I don’t like that. At all.

In other news, I started crocheting another dishcloth yesterday. It’s plain, nothing fancy, but will get the job done. I didn’t even use my own crocheted dishcloth pattern. I am just doing alternating rows of single and half double crochet. My dishcloths keep disappearing for some reason. I’m almost out of this 100% cotton yarn that was given to me. It’s great for dishcloths, so now I have to start pricing it to buy. Hopefully, I can find some for a decent price.

crocheted dishcloth

Instead of repeating pictures, I’ll just direct you to the pictures I already posted. If you want to see what breakfast for supper looks like at our house, visit What’s For Dinner? To see how I make my own seed starter pots from newspaper, visit Saturday on the Farm.

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