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This week, in addition to taking care of multiple sick kids, I worked on canning some beans and broth. My kind of convenience foods.  :)

I caned 9 pints of chicken broth. I had a tenth jar, but it wouldn’t fit in the canner! I also canned six quarts of black beans and seven quarts of pinto beans. I had another quart of pintos that didn’t seal. So I’ll be reprocessing those today, in addition to some great norther beans and red kidney beans.

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When you make most everything from scratch, canned beans and broth are convenience foods. After I get several kinds of plain beans canned, I want to can some baked beans and bbq beans for summer cookouts. Oh, and having some bbq sauce canned will definitely make cookouts easier. And keep the house cooler in the hot summer months because I won’t be using the stove to make everything. Double win! lol


The kids are on the mend, so I plan on getting as much food as possible canned this week.


Share below your what you’ve done recently to make your house a home!


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  1. I’ve started making batches of beans, but haven’t tried canning them yet. It’s definitely a LOT less expensive than buying them premade.