Saturday on the Farm – Garden Update

It’s not Saturday anymore, but here’s the Saturday on the Farm update anyway.  :)

I went for a walk yesterday (Saturday) to check for signs of spring. Here’s what I found:

My Chives are coming up! Looks like I’ll be able to use some shortly. yum!








I was very surprise to find Daffodils opening in the front yard! The plants only get a few inches tall this year, I’m not sure why. Maybe all our 20 degree weather stunted their growth. I was just happy to see them!









The Iris’s are coming up in the a/c garden. Yes, that is the very original name we gave the garden on one end of the house that goes around the a/c. We’re really clever like that. lol These are brown tipped on the edges. I’m guessing from the weather, too.








The Wild Roses are leafing out! This one is in the back yard by my clothesline. I love to hang out clothes when they are in bloom. They smell so good! Then while the roses are still blooming, the honeysuckle blooms. I could stand out there all day!


wild rose bush











I also got my tomato seeds planted this week in my little newspaper pots. I planted these two varieties. Seeds of Change S10772 Certified Organic Roma Paste TomatoAffiliate Link (affiliate link) and Ferry-Morse 3140 Organic Tomato Seeds, Beefsteak (600 Milligram Packet)Affiliate Link (affiliate link)  Now to just get the rest of the seeds started!


Do you have any signs of spring where you live?




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  1. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at your pictures! If I could post a picture here, I would how you the snowbank in front of my house! (It goes almost as tall as the “Children Playing” sign! YIKES! I think I need to move to where you are. lol

  2. I used to love seeing daffodils peeking through the snow when we living in western NY. It’ll be a long time before things bloom up here in Alaska, though.
    Laura O in AK recently posted..The Christian Home Magazine, 102nd editionMy Profile

  3. You have daffodils? I am so jealous!! Signs of spring here….tree limbs have leaf buds on them. :)

  4. No sign of spring here… But we got some rain that melted the massive snow we got piled on us a couple of weeks ago.
    Angie recently posted..Middle Names Ready For Retirement (And Their Successors)My Profile

  5. How neat that you have all that stuff growing around! We live in an aprtment, in west Texas, so none of that here! I bet it’s a great science class for your kids!
    Rena (An Ordinary Housewife) recently posted..Thrifty Thursday: Survey Sites part 4My Profile


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