Saturday on the Farm – Garden Update

We managed to get a few garden chores done this week. I planted lettuce and spinach in the raised bed behind the house that I shared pictures of last week. Or maybe it was the week before…. We didn’t get anything planted in the main vegetable garden, but my husband worked on getting the potato patch ready. He also laid more cardboard down. Next we have to move the green bean fences.

This was a bad winter for our trees. We have a ton of branches and twigs all over our yard. It’s going to need a serious raking or two before the yard can be mowed for the first time. I put some of the branches to work in a garden in front of the house. Zach, my youngest who is 12, helped me. I spread the newspapers out, and he put the branches on top. Breaking some of the bigger ones before putting them down. And, you know, because boys have to use branches as swords and break them before actually putting them down. lol

Here’s what most of the ground looked like before I put the newspaper down. The newspaper from last year is mostly gone, but you can see some of the branches left.

That is a small Butterfly Bush on the left, with small being about seven feet tall. This garden goes all the way down to a bigger Butterfly Bush. You can also see the Daffodil garden with the Butterfly house in this picture.

I finally got all the paper down. Not easy when the wind is blowing. lol This summer when it’s really hot, we won’t have a breeze of any kind. sigh. Anyway, Zach finished putting branches down to keep the paper from blowing away. Since this picture was taken, he put down even more. This picture is taken by the big Butterfly Bush looking down to the smaller one.

Here is the garden in relation to the front porch. When we actually finish the front porch, lol, this garden will come all the way down to the porch. We have a ramp on one side, we just have to put a longer ramp going off the porch towards the driveway. It will be almost out to the end of this garden, so the garden will go all along the front of the porch and the ramp. That’s the plan anyway. lol The big “trees” coming up out of the porch will be the corner supports for the porch roof, and a log railing will go around the porch. We have one on the back porch and love it. It’s a lot of work, but it looks great.

I can’t wait for the Butterfly Bushes to bloom and for this garden to actually have some flowers in it!

Have you started working in your garden yet?


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  1. It looks like a wide area to work on, i hope the son will sustain his enthusiasm in helping.
    Andrea recently posted..Dainty Pink BlossomsMy Profile


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