Saturday on the Farm

This week, I’m pleased to share with your my one and only Tulip. Isn’t it pretty?


I didn’t get any flowers from this plant last year, so I’m very pleased with it. In the back, you can see the poor Daffodils. They got knocked over by the wind we had this week. I guess I should go ahead and cut them and bring them in the house.


Here’s a full picture of this garden, known as “the front bulb garden”. It contains bulbs, and it’s in the front yard. I’m creative like that. lol

tulip garden

I was so excited the other day to find buds on the Lilac bush! I haven’t had Lilacs in my yard since I left Massachusetts in 1991. so My guess is you’ll be seeing lots of Lilac pictures. lol


The Red Bud trees are getting ready to bloom. That would be why we’re having a cold snap.

red bud tree

In case your wondering, my Grandmother always said we had  “three winters”. Red Bud, while they were blooming, Dog Wood Winter  and Blackberry Winter. After Blackberry Winter, when the blackberries bloom, the weather stays warm. It’s usually accurate. Those old timers really knew how to live with the signs and seasons.

My next project, as if there isn’t already enough to be done around here, is to turn this old grill into a potting bench. As soon as I get a non-windy day, I’m going to start painting it. Oh wait, I should probably finish  fixing it first. lol

turn old grill into potting bench

What’s blooming in your yard?


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