Saturday on the Farm

The Lilacs are blooming! The Lilacs are blooming! I tried hard and just kept myself to sharing one picture. I love Lilacs!


The bushes that are blooming are right by our back porch stairs. In this picture below, you can see the top of the railing, the Lilacs, then in the back, a Red Bud Tree, a Dogwood tree, with the raised bed in between. Then another bed on the other side of the Dogwood Tree. It’s kind of hard to see, but between where the green grass ends, and the half dirt banking in the back is the creek. It’s several feet down in this part of the yard, but it’s there.

I have been standing on the stairs just so I can smell the Lilacs. lol

Here’s a picture of the bed in the right of the above picture. I just added this last year. It contains Hostas, Iris’s, Wild Roses, and an assortment of weeds. haha It also holds my latest project. I took an old wagon that was hanging around the yard, it doesn’t even have any wheels on it, and added several cans that I spray painted white. I planted flower seeds in the cans.

I love the Dogwood flowers, too, so pretty.

dogwood flower

In the herb bed that extends from where the Lilacs are, I planted two Lavender plants. yes, I bought them. I have not had any success growing Lavender from seed, I’ve been trying for years. So I finally gave in and bought some. I’d love to have a whole garden full of Lavender.


In the raised bed, in the above picture, I have Spinach and Lettuce planted. They are growing good.! Here’s the Spinach.


And the Lettuce. Won’t be too much longer, and I’ll be eating it. yum!


When I bought the Lilacs, my husband was looking around and found this plant that he liked. It’s a Catmint. Butterflies love Catmint, so it should be a great addition to the front yard.


I have found out that cats love Catmint. should be interesting to see what my cats do with it. Hopefully, they leave it for the butterflies. I also found out that you can brew Catmint tea. I’ll have to dig deeper to see if it has any medicinal properties. You can divide Catmint in the spring, and the plant will put up suckers. From what I’ve read, it spreads easily and quickly like other mints. So be careful where you plant it! I have it in the front yard in a flower bed between two Butterfly Bushes. It’s the only flower in the bed that’s somewhere around 20 feet long. I’ll be planting annuals in it this year, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the Catmint took over the whole bed. Just think of all the butterflies we’d have!

catmint flower

What’s blooming in your yard?


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  1. Love lilacs! Ours aren’t blooming yet. Jean


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