Saturday on the Farm

Welcome to another Saturday on the Farm garden tour! I’m pleased to say that the Lilacs are in full bloom! And do they ever smell delightful!


My 17 year old daughter took the picture below. Beautiful!


Anyone know what this yellow flower is? It comes up by itself in the back yard beside the creek.

mystery flower

This is the second year that I’ve let part of the yard just grow back under the trees. And this is the second year this flower has come up. Last year, it died off before summer. I’m really curious about what it is. You just never know what kind of wild flowers will show up when you stop mowing them down.

The Lily of the Valley in the Bible garden are blooming. Please ignore the grass planted there by my male lawn mowers. That drives me insane, by the way. lol

lily of the valley

The Lily of the Valley has such sweet little flowers. I just wish they lasted longer!

Lily of the Valley


Next week, I’m going to talk about mulch. Now, I’m not an expert,  but I have used several different types of mulches. So if you have any questions, ask them below, and I’ll try to answer them. See ya next week!


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  1. Your lilacs are so beautiful, I can almost smell their lovely fragrance.

  2. I can almost smell the lilacs! No lilacs or lily of the valley here yet. Lovely! Jean

  3. love lilacs!!!! so beautiful!
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