Saturday on the Farm – Garden Tour

This week, two kids learned how to use the weed eater. Hopefully, that will help keep everything looking neat this year. Zach will be 13 in July, and I thought it would be good for him to learn. He did really good, and was really careful.

Abby, 14, volunteered to learn to weed eat. Volunteers are never turned down here. lol She, also, did really well and was very careful.

Now onto the garden tour.

This bed is in the back yard. The Wilds Roses on the right are trying to take over the Iris’s. After they bloom, I will trim them back. I just can’t bring myself to trim them before they bloom. I love Wild Roses too much to take the chance that I might not get any after trimming.


They Iris’s love it in the shade back by the creek.


Also in the back yard, and all over the area, the Tulip Poplars are blooming. It’s very pretty to see the full tree covered in these blooms.

tulip poplar

The Spinach and Lettuce bed by the creek is doing well. The Romaine Lettuce is on the right, and the spinach is on the left. I’ve been very patient this year, and haven’t harvested any leaves. I’m usually out there picking leaves to eat as soon as they are big enough. lol

lettuce spinach

The Iris’s on the end of the house are blooming. There are yellow and purple ones.


Very beautiful.


The cat followed me around the yard while I was taking pictures. She settled on the rocks under the tree by the Iris in the above pic.



Now, to plant the vegetable garden!




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  1. Nice to see kids working hehe. I like weed whacking too! Your blooms are awesome my Irises are starting to bloom.

    Kim,USA recently posted..Bloomin TuesdayMy Profile

  2. It’s certainly nice to have helpers! Way to go! Your flowers are blooming nicely! hopefully I’ll get to participate next week on Bloomin Tuesday.
    Deb recently posted..The Ultimate DessertMy Profile

  3. Looks like everything is progressing well. Enjoy!
    daisy recently posted..How We Homestead Series-Week ThreeMy Profile

  4. The picture of your kitty is too precious!
    Jessica@CapeofDreams recently posted..A Tribute to Our ParentsMy Profile


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