Our Homeschool Week in Review

This week has been spent preparing for graduation! Calen and Hannah will both be graduating. Graduation is scheduled for June 29th. They only want family at the actual graduation. Hannah wants a party, but Calen doesn’t. Trying to coordinate two graduates wants in one graduation is…..interesting. lol



Neither one of them wants to wear a robe, but they both want to wear caps. They were delivered this week. I think I was as excited about it as they were. Actually, I think I was more excited. lol

There diplomas were delivered this week, also. I bought these from HSLDA. That’s were I bought my older two diplomas at, so they all match. That’s more for me, then for them.



I also bought each of them this really fun Class of 2013 t-shirt from HSLDA. The 13 on the back takes up the whole back of the shirt, and inside the numbers are the class superlatives. Most Popular, Most Likely to Succeed, etc. Very funny, since homeschool high graduates are often a class of one.

Hannah has finished all her work, and Calen just has to finish Geometry. It looks like he will finish by the end of next week. If that’s the case, we will move up graduation. Since it will just be a few family members, it will be easy to move. Hannah will still have her party on the 29th, regardless of when graduation takes place.

Abby and Zach are still working on their schoolwork. They have to get a certain amount done before they can take a break. I’m not a big fan of summer breaks, anyway. So this doesn’t bother me at all. They won’t be getting more than four weeks off, if that much.

It’s going to feel really strange with only two students. I haven’t had only two students since Calen was born in 1998!

Our Homeschool Week in Review next week may graduation pictures!


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  1. Congratulations on two graduates. That is worth a celebration.
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