Saturday on the Farm

My Mimosa Tree is blooming. It’s so pretty! The fluffy pink flowers fall to the ground while they are still pretty, and the ground gets covered in them. It’s like having my own flower girl every time I walk under the tree. :) I feel like a princess walking on flowers. lol The fragrance from the flowers is beautiful, too. It’s hard to describe as it doesn’t smell like any flower I’ve smelled before. If you ever see a Mimosa Tree, walk under it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  :)

mimosa tree


The Peppermint in the herb garden behind the house is getting huge. Some of it is four feet tall. I planted ONE plant. lol Guess I better get busy drying it. We’ll have plenty of peppermint tea this winter. I do like fresh peppermint in my ice tea, and we do like mint ice cream. But I don’t think we can eat all of this! lol I think I’m going to have to start digging some up and giving it away to guests. lol


See the dead grass on the sidewalk in front of the peppermint? That’s my newest garden secret. When I make homemade ice cream, I dump the salt water (ice) on the grass, weeds, etc. Within a couple of days, it all dies! I need to go out and pull the dead stuff out before the roots start growing again. But the salt water does a great job of killing it off.


We had this old bike in our pile of broken down bikes and I had my son move it over to this spot in the backyard. He said, “What do you want to put it here for?” lol  This is behind the house, by the creek. There is a Hosta, and an Iris in this garden. And a bunch of native plants. lol Eventually, there will be some more shade loving plants here. For now, the bike dresses it up a little. And gives my kids something to ask me about. lol

garden bike


I conclude this Saturday on the Farm update with something fun.

As I went to work at the clothes closet yesterday, I started laughing so hard when I went by the neighbors house. I just have to share pictures of what I saw. Yes, I stopped in the road and took pictures! lol

Someone hung their “bloomers” in the tree! roflol I think they are actually some sort of coveralls they hung in the tree to scare critters away from their garden. A couple of other trees nearby had white squares of fabric tired to them. I think they look like long johns, though.

I do wish the wind hadn’t of blown the one leg over the other. But it’s still the funniest thing ever to drive by and see the “bloomers”  blowing in the wind from a tree! By the way, doesn’t their garden look awesome?!


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  1. I love the idea of you having your own personal flower girl. :)
    Jessica@CapeofDreams recently posted..Where In The World?My Profile

  2. Your mimosa tree is fantastic! So beautiful! I don’t think they are hardy in my area (zone 5B); if they were, I’d be planting one pronto.


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