Saturday on the Farm – Garden Tour

There’s a lot going on in my gardens this week. The Roses and Day Lilies are blooming in the Bible Garden

rose day lily


day lily


We had a storm go through earlier this week that had a lot of wind. My Hisbicus didn’t care for the wind that much.


The two Hibiscus below are are between the driveway and the house, going towards the front yard. The one on the left survived the storm, the one on the right is severely leaning over. The wind didn’t break the bush, so I’ll prop them up and they will still bloom.


Now on to the vegetables! The lettuce in the raised bed behind the house didn’t appreciate the wind, either.

lettuce raised bed

We finally made it out to the garden to plant the potatoes. We like to place the seed potato on top of the ground, then cover with straw. We had more straw as needed to keep the potatoes covered.

plant potatoes in hay

Harvesting is so easy! Pull pack the straw and there are your potatoes. No digging! This year we’re using some hay that was given to us for free. If anything starts growing from it, it is easy to pull the weeds out, as they are not in the ground, just in the hay.

plant potatoes in hay

I started to plant the Armenian Cucumber seeds. When I pulled back the cardboard and used my little hand shovel to make a row for the seeds, I found lots of worms.

worms in garden

That’s why I love using cardboard and mulch gardening. The worms love it. I never did get the cucumbers planted. I got sick from the heat and and to stop. Those will be going in the ground shortly.

Once the cucumbers are planted, we’ll have all the major veggies that we wanted planted done. We will put in two more rows of corn in another week, so that it doesn’t all ripen at the same time.

What’s growing in your garden?





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