Saturday on the Farm – The View From My Front Porch

It’s time for another Saturday on the Farm the View from My Front Porch. It’s been raining for days here in Kentucky. In fact, it was raining when I took these pictures this afternoon. We’re not having flooding here, but parts of our yard has standing water on it. According to the radar, it looks like we have a few more days of rain. At least it’s not 105 degrees outside like it could be in July.

At some point, there will be a ramp going off the front porch in this direction, towards the driveway. In this picture, the purple flowers on the left in the yard are the Hostas blooming. The bush way out in the yard is the Hibiscus. Parts of it are laying done because of wind damage a couple of weeks ago, and others are just weighed down with rain. I also need to divide it this fall, as it’s getting huge.

I tried all week to have one of my sons fill the red wagon with dirt. sigh…. When it wasn’t raining, they said they couldn’t do it because the dirt was too heavy being wet from all the rain. Sounds like an excuse to me…… Guess I’m going to have to find the strength and energy to do it myself.

Because it was raining, and my rocking chair was soaked, I had to stand up to take these pictures. The Butterfly Bush below is huge. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s at least 15 feet tall. And we pruned it back last fall. This height came from the new growth. You can see the little pointy ends of the branches where the flowers are getting ready to bloom. In another week or two, this bush will be covered in white flowers and butterflies.  :)

Looking off to the left, we have more purple Hosta flowers in front of the house. You can also see our pool out in the side yard, with a volleyball net beyond that. The tree way out in the middle of the side yard is a Mimosa. Not the big one I talked about last week, this one has only been growing for two or three years. It did have a couple of blossoms on it this year for the first time. That “mound” of growth to the left of the tree is a wild blackberry patch that came up on it’s own. Gotta love free berries! lol The brown house beyond that is my father in laws house. And my mother lives across the street from him. We have our own compound going on. lol

Since the chairs were blocking the straight ahead view in the middle picture above, here’s a picture of the garden in the front yard. The Cat Mint in between the logs with little watering cans on top, and the red wagon is doing well. The white stacked planter has Alyssum in it.

That is a very wet View From My Front Porch!




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