Our Homeschool Week in Review

It’s been a rather slow week this week. Zach still isn’t feeling well from the cold he had. He still managed to get most of his schoolwork done, though. He didn’t even make it to church Sunday or Wednesday. Hopefully, he’s feeling lots better soon.

Abby is doing well with her schoolwork. Monday night, she helped with little kids band practice at church. She had her own band practice on Tuesday night. When I arrived to pick her up, I found her washing windows on the youth building.

Wednesday night was church. She had a doctors appointment on Thursday, as did Hannah (who graduated earlier this year), So we were out of the house most of Thursday. She had another function at church that night. Today, Friday, she left with her father when he went to work. She went to her older, married, sisters house to help her paint a room. Tonight, there is a youth gathering at church. She likes keeping busy.  lol

This week, in Zach’s America the Beautiful history curriculum, he had to make a word search puzzle. He really loved doing this. He came and asked me if I liked to do these kind of puzzles. I said yes, and he said OK with a smile on his face and ran off to complete it.

He was so happy to have me do it. Now that I know how much he enjoyed making this, I’ll have him do it more often. I’m thinking spelling words would make a good puzzle.  :)


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I shared my review of MacPhail Center for Music online guitar lessons. Stop by to check out the review, as they offer many different instrument lessons online.

In case you missed it last week, I shared Our Homeschool Curriculum 2013 for 7th grad and 9th grade.


And that’s our homeschool week in review. See you next week!


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