Saturday on the Farm

I went for a walk this afternoon and took a few pictures to share with you.

I think I need to get busy canning the apples!


We one ONE little bunch of grapes this year. The grape vines didn’t well at all this year. I think it’s because they are not getting very  much sun. The trees have grown so much. We’ll be moving the grapes this fall or in the spring. So hopefully, we’ll get more next year. My father in law shared his grapes with us. I processed a bag of them today. The juice is draining as I type, to be made into jelly tomorrow.

On Monday, I planted Spinach in this front section of this palette garden. No little seedlings popping up yet, though.

The Basil in this palette garden is doing well. I noticed today that there are a few flower buds starting. I need to get out there and cut them back. I’ll be drying the Basil to store for the winter.

Why, yes, I am standing at the raspberry bushes eating raspberries!

It’s ok. There’s more coming! I’ll be standing out there eating those, too! If I can beat my kids to them, that is! lol

I went out in the yard yesterday and found four watermelons laying in the grass. I love my neighbors!

I have one last picture to share. A picture of my dining room table. The table we eat at every day. Or try to! lol I have green beans drying for seeds. It’s been to humid to dry them outside. I have three bags of pears that were given to me waiting to be canned. All those tomatoes are from our garden. This picture was after I processed the bag of grapes

I need a few more hours in my days so I can get all this canning done! lol

How’s your garden doing? Are you harvesting, canning, drying, freezing, or all of the above? :)



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  1. Looks like your garden is doing great. My friends tried a pallet garden and they said they like how it turned out. I didn’t plant a garden this year because of the colder temperatures and wanting to start them from seeds. So next year I will start indoors to get a jump start.
    Stacie recently posted..Free Fall Upper and Lower Case Alphabet PracticeMy Profile

  2. Oh i want to help you harvest the apples, i haven seen fruiting apples only once in my lifetime yet and they are not yet harvestable that time, seems like a dream for me, haha! We have a lot of tropical fruits also in our orchard, but they just drop because everybody can’t finish all of them too. They just rot on the ground, it is so wasteful because they can be eaten in the city. However, nobody buys it to sell for the city. The birds can also finish them. We are not used to canning them, because there are other fruits to sustain us.
    Andrea recently posted..One of the New 7 Wonders of NatureMy Profile

  3. Harvest time. Best time of the year.
    Nell Jean recently posted..Wide September ViewsMy Profile


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