Saturday on the Farm – The View From My Front Porch

It’s the first Saturday of the month, which means it’s time for the Saturday on the Farm – The View From My Front Porch.

Looking off to the left, there is a lot to see. Starting in the lower left corner, you can see part of the Wild Rose Bush, and a few falling down Glads, and some Hostas along the front. Heading out into the yard, towards the driveway, are two hardy Hibiscus. A pink one, and a white one. You can see a part of the big Mimosa tree by the corner of the roof. Coming back into the front yard, is a purple Butterfly Bush.

While siting on the porch, looking straight ahead, is my huge white Butterfly Bush. Over on the back left of the picture is the front bulb garden. It did have a Glad blooming, but at this time of year it is always full of weeds, as the rest of the bulbs are spring bulbs. And I’m afraid of poison ivy, so I only weed it once a year. (bad gardener! lol) That’s a butterfly house in that garden.

Here’s a better shot of the Butterfly Bush. To put a little perspective to the picture, that’s a double seat bench, and a video game chair in front of the bush. Last week, I shared more information about the Butterfly Bush.

Looking off to the right, you can see my Mandevilla. on the porch post. Along the front of the house, is a bed with Hostas, Wild Roses, Glads and WEEDS. Just keeping it real. I have weeds. sigh. The tree at the end of the house is a Holly Tree that my husband transplanted from the woods on top of the hill. Farther out in the yard, is a small Mimosa tree, and the mound is a wild Blackberry patch. And you guessed it, weeds!

Fun FYI, my father in law lives in the brown house, and my mother and brother live in the tan house across the street. We have our own compound. :) And my kids can’t get away with much, because someone is always watching. lol

Here’s a closer shot of the Mandevilla. It has four buds on it that will be opening this week.

Thanks for stopping by my front porch for a visit. Come back real soon!  :)


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  1. very nice! WE have weeds too

    Our front yard isn’t near this nice but the pumpkins looks good.
    Gina, book dragon recently posted..ARC August ChallengeMy Profile

  2. What a lovely view you have! I can often see fireflies out back when I’m sitting in our family room at night, it’s so relaxing to watch!
    TheBargainBabe recently posted..“B” Themed Snacks and FoodsMy Profile

  3. What a pretty butterfly bush! My butterfly guru, Susie, told me this morning that she’d seen lots of Zebra Swallowtails on their white butterfly bush. I have trouble growing them because of soil nematodes.

    Now that I’ve seen your Mandevilla buds, I’m reminded to go look at mine. I tend to forget about it.
    Nell Jean recently posted..Sorting the Crape Myrtle MuddleMy Profile


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