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Welcome to The Great Gift Card Giveaway!

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  1. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet however I’m anxious to start and finish. I hope to be done by December. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cathi recently posted..FREE Online Chore Chart for KidsMy Profile

  2. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.

  3. stacey dempsey says:

    I havent started yet I am a real last minute shopper lol I usually know what I want to get but wait till close to xmas to get it all

  4. Nope :) haven’t started it yet ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I have not started Christmas shopping yet.

  6. I havent started shopping yet…but I’ve been thinking about it.

  7. Thomas Bellamy says:

    I sure have and I’m going again tomorrow.

  8. No I haven’t done any gift buying yet!

  9. I haven’t started yet, but should soon

  10. I’ve bought a few Christmas gifts of things I’ve seen on sale.

  11. Yes I have. If I win this would be great to go towards stocking stuffers for my pets. They each have their own stocking.

  12. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I have not started Christmas shopping!

  13. I don’t start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.

  14. Heather Swarthout says:

    I definitely haven’t started shopping! I’m not prepared for this Christmas, then again I’m never prepared for Christmas and it sneaks up on me every time.

  15. Francine Anchondo says:

    I havent started shopping yet

  16. no, not yet

  17. Haven’t started yet.

  18. i’ve been entering giveaways like crazy, i use a lot of my winnings towards christmas presents, i think so far, i have a few done because of wins.

  19. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Heck no I haven’t even started. But it is right around the corner. *panic is setting in*

  20. nope, haven’t started! thanks for reminding!

  21. Susan Smith says:

    No I havenโ€™t done any gift buying yet!

  22. Andrea Williams says:

    No, I haven’t started shopping yet, but I’m building my Amazon account. :)

  23. Sue Sattler says:

    I haven’t started yet, I like to start on Black Friday. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Normally I’m almost done by now but sadly this year I haven’t even started.

  25. I am over 2/3 of the way through my Christmas shopping, but that’s still quite a bit left, when I look at who I haven’t gotten anything for yet.

  26. LOL Nope and the thought of starting this early for Christmas makes me cringe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  27. No Christmas shopping because we are still on birthday present shopping.

  28. Kelly Nicholson says:

    This gift card could come in handy for Christmas shopping. Have you started your gift buying yet?

    christmas..shhhhhhhh! dont say that…ill *** it away before November

  29. I’ve kinda started….I collect things throughout the year when I see them. The hard part is wrapping the presents.

  30. No not yet

  31. I don’t start Christmas shopping until December. lol

  32. I haven’t. This year is going to start late, because my daughter’s getting married before Thanksgiving.

  33. I have a few things, but not anywhere near what i had last year at this time!

  34. I have about a quarter of the gifts I need

  35. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I have not started Christmas shopping but this sure would come in handy.

  36. Hannah Avery says:

    No, I have not bought anything yet!

  37. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I shop/win giveaways all year long for Christmas! :)

  38. I definitely haven’t started yet!

  39. I haven;t started yet
    Allie recently posted..CatchyClips GiveawayMy Profile

  40. I am giveawaying this year for xmas

  41. I’ve found a few things that I intended to save for Christmas…. but I’m impatient so I might end up giving them to the kids early! :)

  42. I haven’t started shopping yet but I have started planning.

  43. I’ve had things put away for Christmas from last Christmas.

  44. i havent started yet

  45. Not even close! We’re still preparing for our newborn… who’s now a month old!

  46. NOPE, I haven’t started even thinking about it!

  47. Danielle Papsis says:

    Did some Christmas shopping today.

  48. Saima Akhter says:

    I havenโ€™t started yet either :)

  49. i will start on dec 20th!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  50. Marcia Goss says:

    No, I haven’t started yet!

  51. amybelle2001 says:

    I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet but thanks for reminding me. Might as well start now.

  52. I like to start shopping in October!

  53. I actually do have a few gifts bought already! :)
    Kristin recently posted..Monroe and Main Fashion For Everyone (9/16)My Profile

  54. I prepare for Christmas shopping all year long, haha! With fun ideas at least even if I don’t get started buying this early!

  55. I tend to buy year round. If I see a perfect gift, I just go for it.

  56. Jenny Stanek says:

    I absolutely haven’t!

  57. I haven’t even started thinking about christmas shopping yet. I do have something stashed away for my mom but that’s about it.

  58. Rebecca Graham says:

    I haven’t started yet but will soon.

  59. That is exactly why I’m entering this giveaway. I’ve already got my list together, now it’s time to purchase the gifts. Every little bit helps!



  60. No, I have not started my Christmas shopping yet, but the list is almost made. That has to count for something, right?

  61. yes! i have started! I am excited for cyber monday and black friday deals!

  62. Jody Sisson says:

    Yes I have started, put some toys in layaway yesterday.

  63. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    It’s still too hot to even dream of Christmas, yet!

  64. Tiffany Dover says:

    No I haven’t yet! But I do use a lot of free stuff that I get in the mail as gifts!

  65. *cringe* Shhh…no mention of Christmas yet lol. I am still trying to get Back To School stuff :)
    Misty Marie Battle recently posted..NFL $25 GC GiveawayMy Profile

  66. I have bought one item that I am saving for a Christmas gift.

  67. Margaret Smith says:

    I have one or two items I picked up during the year, but other than that, I haven’t really started yet.

  68. Jill Edwards says:

    Not yet, I usually start my Christmas shopping in November.

  69. Marti Tabora says:

    I have not started yet and I think I better get busy and get some of it done.

  70. Oh I have started! :) I try to pick up stuff during the fall when I see a good sale and I know it would be something someone would love. Now…just cant forget what I have…otherwise…like always…I end up with too much for some!

  71. BrittanyUtley says:

    Nope I sure haven’t. Really need to start tho.

  72. No, but I’ve been trying to think up gift ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. No, I don’t start shopping until late November.

  74. Rachael Juedes says:

    Yeah, I have two things so far.

  75. Barbara Montag says:

    Yes I’ve started – maybe half finished!
    Thank you.

  76. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I only have a couple things put away and that’s it

  77. Rebecca Orr says:

    Nope! I am gathering gift ideas though! I will probably start at the beginning of October. Thanks for the chance!

  78. Yes I have started shopping. I shop all year round

  79. I have started shopping.

  80. Tracy Robertson says:

    No, I have not started Christmas shopping yet, but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about it!

  81. I have not started yet

  82. I haven’t started shopping for Christmas gifts yet, Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  83. Tari Lawson says:

    No, I haven’t even thought of shopping yet.

  84. Mary Casper says:

    no, i am a last minute shopper

  85. I have not yet started Christmas shopping, but hope to very soon. My teenage daughter has a huge wishlist of books and CDs on Amazon so this would be perfect.
    Kari recently posted..Great Gift Card Giveaway Hop – $20 Walgreens Gift CardMy Profile

  86. Seems like we have a bunch of birthdays-so I can’t start Christmas buying yet

  87. I have started my gift buying but my children are now at an age of knowing what they would like which makes it more challenging.

  88. Not yet, but I will as soon as it comes)

  89. Ive done a lot of thinking about it…but nope
    Kim H recently posted..The Perfect Binder GiveawayMy Profile

  90. Lynda Thomas says:

    I have a few gifts set aside, but nothing big yet. :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  91. I bought personalized placemats for my sons, but that’s it.

  92. No, I haven’t started. Too early for me.

  93. I have bought a couple of things on sale, but nothing major. I need to make a list soon to stay organized Christmas shopping wise!

  94. I wish I had!!

  95. every year I say I am going to start early, but unforunately I haven’t started yet either.

  96. Donna Cheatle says:

    I started about a month ago. I’ve got a good start! I’ve got 3 things for my daughter and 2 for hubby

  97. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    My fingers are crossed that I can start shopping in a couple of weeks.

  98. Karen Drake says:

    I haven’t started my shopping yet but have been thinking of starting. I have been entering sweeps though in hopes of winning some items I can give as gifts. This gift card would really help, thank you for offering it.

  99. Are you kidding? I haven’t even thought about it until you asked! LOL

  100. I try to pick up a couple of things here and there throughout the year as I find them, but I don’t really start the bulk of my shopping until late October!

  101. I have not. I’ve thought about it but haven’t started yet. Thank you!

  102. Nicole Larsen says:

    No, I most definitely didn’t start xmas shopping yet!

  103. I haven’t but I need too. I am thinking that Thursday when I go pick up stuff for my new job I am going to shop the employee bookstore (I just got a job with scholastic). I have got some books that i want to pick up for both boys and both nieces… I have some other stuff in mind for them besides books but i figured that was a good start!
    Terri M recently posted..Training Tip Tuesday: Let Them Explore!My Profile

  104. Brandi Price says:

    I haven’t started but plan to soon!

  105. I won’t start until Black Friday, but I’ve been making lists and stuff!
    Brooke Adametz recently posted..FREE $200 Knife Set!My Profile

  106. richelle bowers says:

    I did start i’m about 85% done

  107. I have actually..but only a couple things. I still have A lot left to shop for :-)

  108. Dorothy Teel says:

    Less then 100 days till Christmas and I have not bought anything yet, been looking, thinking, I guess that helps LOL

  109. casey flick says:

    I always start early. It just seems to sneak up so fast. That’s why I like to get it done ahead of time.

  110. No I havent started yet. I usually wait till the last minute.

  111. I havent even thought about holiday shopping…I only have a few people to buy gifts for, so its not big deal if I don’t start early.

  112. Jessica Snow says:

    Actually, I’ve just started picking up some things here and there.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! =)

  113. Now that my kids are older and no longer ask for particuliar things, I tend to shop year round. The trick is remembering where I put everthing.

  114. No shopping here yet. I have been saving up though, and waiting for the big sales to start.

  115. Not yet. I am scared thinking about it!
    Misty Marie Battle recently posted..My Colgate SlimSoft From InfluensterMy Profile

  116. Hi! :) Yep, all done for Christmas here!: )

    Lois M. recently posted..Cover Reveal โ€“ Recklessly Royal by Nichole ChaseMy Profile

  117. No, I haven’t started yet.

  118. I’m constantly on the look out for good sales that I can stash and save for Christmas gifts. Yes I’m one of those people

  119. Marcy Meyer says:

    I haven’t started buying, but I have started thinking about it.

  120. I’m late! I haven’t begun yet.

  121. carla bonesteel says:

    Unfortunately, beside a little online shopping here and there, I do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas eve….Not on purpose…it’s just the way it always seems to happen….I like pressure!

  122. LeeAnn Perry says:

    No I have not stated shopping yet. I need to.

  123. Monique Rizzo says:

    I shop all year round, so I have always started!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  124. Lauren Becker says:

    I have! I love Christmas and buying people gifts, so I’ve been doing it all year. haha

  125. I actually have a couple of presents already. This is way earlier than normal for me. I would love to use it for some kid’s toys.

  126. Tammy Dalley says:

    I havent started christmas shopping yet, I dont usually start until november!!!

  127. steve weber says:

    I have not started shopping yet.

  128. I have bought one gift that I plan to give at Christmas but most of the present shopping will be later.
    Shane R. recently posted..Just in Time for Fall: eShakti Dress Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  129. Christina Sparks says:

    No, I haven’t. But, I think I am getting gift cards that way they can pick out what they want.

  130. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    i have two gifts purchased!

  131. judy gardner says:

    i havent started just yet

  132. Jessica Fortner says:

    I’ve bought a few small gifts.

  133. Oh, man. Is it really time for Christmas shopping?! I suppose, then, I’d use my gift card to buy my parents some DVDs– and something for myself, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe some snuggly socks for when winter sets in?
    Anastasia recently posted..REVIEW: For Love of Mother-Not by Alan Dean FosterMy Profile

  134. Yes I start the day after Christmas checking out all the after bargains

  135. I’ve started doing a little for my son, but that’s it!

  136. I don’t need to do much in the way of holiday shopping anymore — so, no, I haven’t even thought of that yet!

  137. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet but I’ve started making my shopping list. Hopefully I can start soon!

  138. I haven’t started Christmas shopping.

  139. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, either. Fortunately there’s still lots of time!

  140. Every year I promise myself that I would start early and avoid the last minute rush. Still haven’t started…Eeeeks!

  141. Have not started yet, and yes, this would be a good start!

  142. No, I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet.

  143. Michele Behlen says:

    I have started to pickup a few things and I have been lucky enough to win a few.

  144. Janie McGaugh says:

    I usually have by now, but not this year!

  145. Nicole Carter says:

    No, I usually start in mid October

  146. Michelle Weaver says:

    No I haven’t started yet, but I’ve been thinking about gifts.

  147. Nope, haven’t started yet, lol!

  148. gregg deering says:

    We’ve purchased 3 items already for Christmas.

  149. Brandi Dawn says:

    I havent either…I am bad, a last minute shopper!

  150. I’m not even close to starting!

  151. Melissa Hartley says:

    I’ve got a few things for my 11 y/o niece & have won toys for my 4 nephews but that’s it right now..this would really come in handy to get my oldest son a few CD’s he wants for Christmas :)

    Thank you

  152. Kim Henrichs says:

    I haven’t. I’m probably giving out food gifts this year for the most part.

  153. tina reynolds says:

    I have for my two youngest but not my oldest he wants expensive stuff like xbox games and such

  154. natalie parvis says:

    I’m about half way done.

  155. natalie parvis says:

    I’m about half way done with our Christmas shopping.

  156. I haven’t started either and I need to get it in gear and get shopping!
    Kimberley Meier recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Best FriendsMy Profile

  157. I started after last Christmas and am almost done.

  158. I don’t plan to start Christmas shopping until November.

  159. We actually just started talking about shopping for Christmas this weekend. With a limited budget, we have to spread our spending over a few months in order to be able to afford something for everyone. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  160. No, I haven’t started yet, but I am going to layaway a few things this coming Thursday. I enjoy the season so much more if I at least have a start on things.

  161. I have not started it yet.

  162. Stephanie Larison says:

    Gosh, no! Lol, I don’t even want to think about all that yet.

  163. Tiffany Couillard says:

    Christmas shopping?! It’s not even… oh wait, it’s already almost October! Where did the summer go?

  164. No, I haven’t started yet.
    Stephanie Bourne recently posted..Free Blogger Opp: Choose Your Gadget EventMy Profile

  165. Erika Rhodes says:

    I’ve started and GC’s come in handy whether I use them as gifts or find something I can buy and make it more personable.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    erikalrhodes at gmail dot com

  166. I have 1/3 of my shopping done.
    kelly recently posted..Iphone cases 50% off at Vistaprint this weekMy Profile

  167. I don’t do much Xmas shopping and when I do, it’s in December.

  168. I have started with some of the sales and craft fairs.

  169. I have not started shopping—dread every moment!

  170. I’ve bought a couple Christmas presents already but this gift card would come in handy for purchasing another present for one of my six kids. Thanks.

  171. Yes I have started buying Christmas Gifts already! I bought one for my mom!

  172. Angela Kinder says:

    I’ve thought about starting- does that count?

  173. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I have not even begun to think about Christmas LOL! We are going on vacation in November so I would probably use this to get some new clothes! :)

  174. No I have not started yet, I am one of those people who wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping. It makes no sense though, everything else in my life I start early!

  175. I have not started shopping; however, I think about it really really hard, but so far it’s not working ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. Sherry Compton says:

    I have bought a few things here and there, but the big things I still have to buy.

  177. I haven’t started yet, still trying to figure out where the money will come from

  178. Cathy Truman says:

    Yes I have started my Christmas shopping I try to pick things up all year long when I see
    a good sale or a special gift for someone.

  179. Katie Amanda says:

    I haven’t started shopping. An Amazon GC would be fantastic!

  180. No, I haven’t! I need to!
    Christy Maurer recently posted..Fall Pinterest Inspiration: Caramel Apple Cheesecake BarsMy Profile

  181. Gina Nungay says:

    Nope :) havenโ€™t started it yet ๐Ÿ˜€

  182. Jill Myrick says:

    I actually have gotten started Christmas shopping. I don’t have lots of it done but do have some bought. I try to start early every year so that we’re not stressed in December.


  183. Andrea Darst says:

    Not yet, prob Black Fri!

  184. I have started… too many to buy for so I look for deals..crafts..and books that will make a smile show up this holiday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  185. No, but I sure wish I had already started shopping.

  186. I have not.
    Lana Bradstream recently posted..Review *SMILES BY JEM*My Profile

  187. I have not started on my Christmas shopping yet. I will start next month…I hope.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  188. haven’t started any holiday shopping yet.

  189. I shop all year round.
    Thanks for the contest.

  190. I haven’t started shopping for Christmas yet. Heck, I haven’t started shopping for Halloween yet.
    Cheryl F. recently posted..Fight Through The Hard TimesMy Profile

  191. I just started buying a few items for Christmas.

  192. I have not started holiday shopping yet.

  193. Samantha Daleo says:

    I’ve started making lists but have not actually bought anything yet..

  194. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    I have not started my Christmas shopping yet; still trying to catch up on birthdays right now. :)

  195. I’ve picked up a few things here and there, but DEFINITELY nothing worthy of putting a dent in it…haha! :)

  196. amanda whitley says:

    i havent boughten anything but ive won a few things for gifts

  197. Rebecca Peters says:

    I have gotten a few things

  198. Terra Agueda says:

    i have not started shopping yet for Christmas. This would be a nice little stocking stuffer for someone on my list.

  199. I haven’t started yet but I need to soon – we get so busy at christmas I want to be organized this year

  200. I have my mom’s present but I still need to shop for everyone else on my list.
    Angela P recently posted..Blankie Buddy Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  201. I have added some gifts to my shopping cart, but i’m so indecisive I haven’t checked out. So, technically I haven’t really started.

  202. I do have some of my shopping done already. I buy Hallmark ornaments and I have already purchased the ones I want at the premier weekend back in July. I also tend to buy little things year round, like books and candles.

  203. Megan Parsons says:

    I have a few things bought and put up

  204. I have nowhere near started thinking about Christmas presents! I still have to get Halloween in order!

  205. Paol Trenny says:

    I started earlier this summer

  206. Rebecca Lock says:

    I shop all year for Christmas. With 17 nieces and nephews- I have to.

  207. I haven’t started shopping yet. Haven’t even thought about shopping yet, so this would really help!

  208. Jennifer S. says:

    I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. Most of the people we shop for only want gift cards so there are very few actual presents, I sort of miss it!

  209. Terry Cross says:

    No I haven’t started. Maybe in November

  210. I haven’t yet but am going to start looking for online deals.

  211. Christmas shopping!?!?!??! NOOOOOOO!!!! I can’t even think about Christmas when the temperatures are in the 90’s!!!

  212. I have not, I’m a last minute kind of shopper.

  213. Jennifer Speed says:

    I have not started buying gifts yet. I still have some important birthdays to buy gifts for.

  214. i have started buying. i recently moved to california from georgia and plans are to fly home so i’m wanting to get everyone something special!

  215. I haven’t I usually start buying thanksgiving weekend

  216. I haven’t started my shopping yet. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving.

  217. No, I haven’t started yet, but I am going to have to really soon!

  218. I have started – a first for me!

  219. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet, but I have some ideas

  220. I have gotten a couple of really great deals, but not much.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..Gigi’s Magic MeatloafMy Profile

  221. Beth Klocinski says:

    I have not stared buying yet

  222. I am starting to make a list :)
    Jade Samson recently posted..Girls Night out GiveawayMy Profile

  223. Lisa Garner says:

    I have started already. With 4 children I need all the shopping time I can get.

  224. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    This would be for my dad to get a kindle and I havent even started yet!

  225. Yep, I started in May..Thank goodness because it suddenly seems like there’s no time.

  226. I haven’t started shopping yet.

  227. Michelle Tucker says:

    No, not Christmas shopping yet. Probably start next month.

  228. Darlene Carbajal says:

    Not yet!

  229. Charlene Kuser says:

    I haven’t started yet,but have been looking around for some idea’s for Christmas shopping.

  230. Oh my, no, I have not thought about it at all.
    Scarlett recently posted..God is the solution to every problemMy Profile

  231. Vikki Billings says:

    I only have 3 people left to buy for, I am almost done!!

  232. kathy dalton says:

    i havent started shopping yet but i would use this gift card as a beginning

  233. not even close to starting Christmas shopping yet

  234. I haven’t started yet, figure I wait a couple more months :)

  235. Sarah Oswald says:

    No I haven’t even thought about Christmas

  236. No I haven’t

  237. Thomas Murphy says:

    I have not even thought about x-mas shopping yet.

  238. I wait until black friday to start shopping. I need to purchase toys this year with a new nephew being born.

  239. Thanks for the giveawayโ€ฆwe start on cyber monday !

  240. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter says:

    No, I haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet. It’s still a bit too far out for me to deal with. Thanks for the giveaway.

  241. I would love to buy a bag with this!

  242. Trisha McKee says:

    No, it has not been started. I always promise myself i will start earlier or at least put money aside, but that has not happened.

  243. I have started a little
    annabella @ centurytel dot net



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