Saturday on the Farm

As I was walking around the property today, looking for pictures, I realized that fall is almost here. The gardens are showing their age, and finishing up their season. I’m looking forward to fall for the cooler temperatures, and much less humidity in the air. I will very much miss the flowers of summer, though.

Here is what my dining room table looked like today. A very full bag of grapes waiting to become jelly. A lot of tomatoes in various stages of ripeness, several squash and zucchini. And a lot of green bean seeds drying out. Who needs to actually eat at their table, right? lol



The Petunias are still blooming on the front porch. The plants are starting to look a little bedraggled, though. I loved this piece of dried wood that my husband found in the woods here. We call it drift wood, but since we are landlocked here in Kentucky, it really isn’t drift wood. lol Guess my Cape Cod roots are showing. lol

The Mandevilla is, surprisingly, still going strong. I love how it looks on the tree porch support. I’m glad I moved it to this location this year. The Pineapple plant is looking pretty good, too. No pineapple this year. Maybe next year. I hope, anyway. Both of these tropical plants come in the house for the winter. Along with my Passion Flower. It didn’t bloom this year, so I haven’t shared any pictures of it.

The Dogwood trees on the property are starting to change color, and get lots of berries. Some are still green, some are bright red, some like these, are inbetween.

Thanks for stopping by my yard for a visit. See  you next week!


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