Saturday on the Farm

We started harvesting the apples this week. My husband and son filled up the white bucket in the picture to overflowing. It barely made a dent in the tree, and we have a few more apple trees, too. The kids helped me make 13 quarts of applesauce. I plan on using two more bucket fulls for two more batches of applesauce. Then we’ll start on apple butter and apple jelly. I love this picture. My son was trying to hide from the camera, so he was picking apples on the underside of the tree. lol

I had my daughter prune the Basil. I dehydrated them. From this large salad spinner basket, I got a quart canning jar of dried leaves.

Now, one to some even more exciting news then harvest!

We had a wedding here last Saturday! That’s why I didn’t have a Saturday on the Farm post last week. Our oldest son got married here on the farm.

It was a nice, small wedding, then a reception in the yard.

It was a nice wedding. They picked where on the property to have the ceremony and reception. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time of year to use flowers that we grew.

Any exciting harvests, weddings or parties going on in your yard?



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