Saturday on the Farm Garden Tour

Even though fall is here, I still have a few things growing in the gardens. In the palette herb garden behind the house, I have Basil growing. we cut all the plants back a few weeks ago, and the plants are now growing again.


I planted oregano a couple of times in the spring, and finally gave up on growing it. Much to my surprise, it finally took off and I have a few plants growing.


Across the walkway from the above herb garden, is another garden edged with rocks. The peppermint is growing here. And as you can see from this picture, it is still growing, and still putting out new shoots. In the picture below, above the rocks is the garden, and below the rocks is the walkway. Yep, the peppermint crossed under the rocks and is growing in the walkway. I think I should start selling peppermint plants. lol


In the same garden as the peppermint, down farther and so far out of reach of the peppermint, lol, the chives are still going strong. I plan on cutting a bunch of these and drying them.


The vegetable garden is empty except for a couple of cabbage plants. Empty of vegetables, that is, the weeds are doing better then ever. ugh…. Time to rally the family to get out there and take care of those weeds. I plan on leaving the cabbage in the ground until the frost hits. Try not to be scared of the weeds, lol, I’m just keeping it real.  :)


We still haven’t dug the potatoes. As soon as I finish the apples, we’ll dig them. I’m hoping for a LOT!

We still have a ton of apples on the trees. So far we’ve canned 39 quarts of applesauce. We need to get onto the jelly and apple butter, and dehydrated apples.

apple tree

Because we’re so far south here in Kentucky, we have a later frost date. I can keep the herbs and veggies growing for a while yet. I’ve had roses on Thanksgiving before. I won’t this year, though.

Do you still have veggies or herbs growing? Or have you already put your garden to bed for the year?





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  1. Lavender Cottage says:

    All my veggies have been dug out but I left the basil to carry on for a bit. I’d have to take out some perennials to make room, but I’d like to try potatoes some time.
    I’m visiting from Fertilizer Friday.

  2. I’ve never been brave enough to plant veggies, but your post is definitely encouraging! Great post.
    bettyl recently posted..white orchids at Bason GardensMy Profile

  3. Your herbs and apples look great. My herbs are still in the garden; just today I pulled my tomato plants. I have about 20 tomatoes sitting on my kitchen counter; that’ll be it till next year.
    Beth recently posted..Color!My Profile

  4. Herbs are haphazard at my place. Rosemary in great wads, Oregano crawling along, Mint confined to a special area. Garlic chives that I forgot to deadhead — I cut off and tossed what had not shattered.

    There’s pine straw to rake and spread around over anything that needs tucking in, but my garden never really goes to bed. I’ll pull frost tender plants next month and scatter seeds of spring-blooming annuals.There is never snow, Camellias bloom after Christmas. Only deciduous plants indicate what winter brings.

    Cabbage, Broccoli and Kale look very hopeful right now since daytime temps have cooled to welcome 70s and a little rain is falling.
    Nell Jean recently posted..Grasses in My GardenMy Profile


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