Our Homeschool Week in Review

Abby has been doing good this week with all her new classes. She’s very excited to be in 10th grade now. She prefers to do her school work all over the house. I walked into the school room the other day, and this is what I found….

Yes, she IS sitting under the desk in the school room, with her feet propped up on the chair!

student under desk

It never ceases to amaze me at the places they find comfortable to work! I did add a couple of electives to her classes this week. Family Living, and Managing Your Life Under God.  I’ll get everything together in one list next week.

Zach has had a cold this week. So this has been his favorite spot.

zach couch

I actually managed to get a picture without his pillow and blanket. lol This is where he was all week, except when I had him get up and do some schoolwork. Then he’d work for a little bit, then take a book back to the couch. Normally, I don’t worry about them getting school work done when they are sick. This winter, though, Zach has had one cold after another. So he’s had to keep working, just at a slower pace so he has plenty of time to rest.

Tomorrow, Abby will be singing with the youth band from church. They are participating in a fund raiser for a local ministry. I’ll try to get a couple of pictures of her on stage to share next week.

I posted a Schoolhouse Review Crew the other day for Mango Languages. It’s online language classes for ages 6-adult. Stop on over and check it out!


And that’s our homeschool week in review!

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