Saturday on the Farm – Flowers & Apple Trees

Last week, I shared the signs of spring. This week, spring has definitely sprung. My Daffodils are blooming!



Saturday on the Farm – Flowers & Apple Trees

These are mini Daffodils, and they are beautiful!


Here’s the whole garden that is in the front yard. The pole used to hold a satellite dish. We got rid of the satellite, and put a butterfly house on the pole. Not that we’ve ever seen a butterfly use it!


I think it’s time to fix the rocks around this garden! lol

Today, my husband took on the project of trimming the apple trees. This is after, but it’s hard to tell how tall they are. The apple trees are thethree trees lined up in the grass, not the trees up by the road. The leaves are just starting to bud out, so they needed to be trimmed. He hasn’t trimmed the rest of the apple trees on the property. Just these three that are in the yard.

apple trees

He actually cut down two apple trees that were between these three. When you read how far apart to plant fruit trees, plant them that far apart. Even if you think it’s too far. The trees will grow bigger than you think and get too crowded if you don’t. Then you’ll have to cut some down like we did. lol

Our little puppy Max just doesn’t understand the camera. lol He’s not so little anymore, he’s getting big quickly. He’s three months old now. He has learned some commands – sit, lay down, up, we’re working on come. That’s an important one since he’s outside all the time.


Now, if he’ll only stop pulling the laundry off the line! He and I will get along pretty good if he stops making me wash all the laundry two and three times! lol

Have you started any spring garden chores yet?



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