Saturday on the Farm – Signs of Spring, Starting Seeds

Finally! Some signs of spring here in Kentucky! We have had such a cold, wet, snowy winter that I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever get here!

The Daffodils are up!

Saturday on the Farm – Signs of Spring, Starting Seeds

This garden in my front yard has full size Daffodils in the back, and the three bunches in the front are Mini Daffodils. To the left of the pole is a lone Tulip.


The Mini Daffodils in the front have buds on them! The full sized Daffodils always bloom later than the minis.

daffodil buds

I also found the chives growing in the herb garden behind the house. So excited for fresh herbs and vegetables again!



With all the signs of spring, I was finally motivated to start some seeds! So I got busy at my potting bench that I made out of an old gas grill. It works great, too! Two of the cats wanted to be in the picture. There was another cat and a dog just outside of the picture, too. I had plenty of company. lol

potting bench

Over the winter, I saw online somewhere how to make seed starters out of gallon milk jugs. First, I poked a few holes around the sides of the jug, about an inch or two up from the bottom. After that, I cut into the jug to one side of the base of the handle, just below the bottom of the handle. Cut all the way around the jug, stopping at the bottom of the handle on the other side. Now the top of the jug will flip back to open, but still be attached to the bottom. Fill with potting soil, or whatever soil you use to start seeds in. Water, then plant your seeds, and flip the top back into position.

milk jug planter

I have these outside, and they are like little greenhouses. You can tape the top to the bottom make it a little more air tight, it won’t seal completely, though. I used a permanent marker to write on the jug what I planted inside.

milk jug planter

I’m excited to see little seedlings in them!

Have you started any seeds yet?

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