Let Your Kids Build a Fort

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My kids love to build forts when their cousins come over. They build big elaborate forts that they also sleep in. Every summer they try to out do the forts they built the year before. Even though the four kids at home are all teenagers, they still like to build forts.

Here’s the fort my daughter and niece built and slept in last night.

An eclectic arrangement of sheets, blankets, and a few towels. Help up by clothesline, clothespins, chairs, and a Ladder Ball game. lol

Yes, all the blanket, sheets, and towels will have to be washed again before putting them away. Yes, it costs money for electric, water, and laundry deteregent.

But the memories they make together are priceless!

So let your kids build a fort. Let them have fun together. Or with cousins or friends.

Let them make great memories together.

Because that’s what really matters!


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