Our Homeschool Week in Review

Zachary finally got to have his 14th birthday party last weekend. He had fun playing video games and hanging out with his friends.

Our Homeschool Week in Review

Abby & Zach had a dentist appointment. After their check-up, they wanted a blizzard. So we stopped at DQ. They really had more fun than it looks by the expressions on their faces. lol They don’t like mom taking pictures in public places. lol

Our morkie, Piper, likes to hang out with Abby while she is doing her schoolwork. As you can see, Piper likes to hog the chair. lol Abby was working on filling out her planner with the schedule for The Greeks.

As you can see in the picture, her planner and The Greeks student book are in notebooks.

This past week also found me at the post office sending in our Homeschool Letter of Intent. $6 and change to send it certified mail, return receipt requested.  While this isn’t my favorite thing to do every year, I am thankful that we live in a country where homeschooling is legal.  And in a state where we only need to send in a letter of intent. These blessings have not escaped my attention.

homeschool letter of intent


I took two of my teenagers for their drivers license test. Unfortunately, neither one passed. Why you ask? Because they didn’t look over their right shoulder while parallel parking. Yes, I asked the tester, and that was the reason he gave me. They both used their mirrors, and one looked over their left shoulder to see the curb. We were all disappointed. They have to wait two weeks, then they can try again. After they practice looking over their right shoulders.




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And here’s a review of a great bible study tool for the whole family:

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I laminated the cards, (with self laminating sheets, no machine required!) and put them on a binder ring for easy reference.

If you and your kids love The Boxcar Children, stop over to enter my giveaway for a The Boxcar Children DVD!


And that’s our homeschool week in review!


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