Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack Review

I recently received the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards from Wizzy Gizmo to review.

The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament, $14.99, is a set of 27 cards, plus a cover card, that cover all the books of the New Testament. The cards are a big nine by five inch size.  The Fast Track Bible Pack is suitable for all ages. Perfect for family Bible study!


Wizzy Gizmo Review

Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack Review

The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament contains one, two-sided, card for each book of the New Testament. Each card contains a summary of book of the New Testament, key passages, key people, key chapters, and doctrine. The cards come nicely presented with a paper wrap holding them together. They would be perfect for gift giving, as well!

Wizzy Gizmo Review

As soon as I saw these cards online, before I received them, I knew that I wanted to laminate them, and put them on a binder ring for easy reference. The cards are printed on a nice card stock, so laminating them is not necessary, just my personal preference.

New Testament Cards


The Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards are so full of information, I couldn’t find a consistent place on the cards to make holes for the binder ring. So I added tabs of my own. I love that we can flip through the cards to easily find the one we are looking for. They stand up nicely on the shelf next to our Bibles. Because they are easy to access, they get used more often than if they were in a cabinet or a drawer. It’s also easy to pull one card out of the binder ring to use.

New Testament Cards

I love these Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards! The front of the cards have a summary of the book, a timeline, how many chapters are in the book, and more. You can see the back of one of the cards on the left, in the picture below. There is an outline of the book, the theme of the book, and key passages are printed right on the card. All the information on the back of the card is color coded, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for on each card.

New Testament Cards

These cards can be used by themselves to study the Bible, or as part of your normal Bible reading, and whatever Bible study or curriculum you are using. The Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament is a great Bible teaching tool. The website has suggested uses for all ages. They are not just for kids! I was impressed with the amount of information on the cards! I highly recommend the Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament cards, whether you use them as a family or as part of your homeschool curriculum. I hope they come out with the Old Testament cards soon, I will definitely be buying them!

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  1. Great review. I love how you put your cards in a binder.
    Tere Scott recently posted..TOS Review: Happy Kids SongsMy Profile

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