Getting Healthy with Linda

I went for a couple of walks today. The first one, I walked circles around the property in the shade. It was hot out! It got up to almost 90 here today. Tonight, my husband, myself, and our three youngest kids, 19, 16, and 14, went for a walk down the road. We walked down to the neighbors barn.

Going for a walk by the barn Getting Healthy with Linda

It makes such a pretty picture. I used a walking stick tonight. I think (I hope?) it burns more calories.

Getting Healthy with Linda

I have been bad about entering my food into MyFitness Pal. My only excuse is it takes too long. I did go in a create a food called “house Salad”. I added up the calories for what I usually made a salad out of, and put that number in. So instead of having to enter 6 or 8 different items separately, I can just add one. I try to have a salad for lunch most days. I put cottage cheese on it for protein. It tastes really good with French Dressing. Some days, I will have a little meat, too. I didn’t include the meat in my House Salad calorie count, though, so I have to add that separately.

We eat a pretty healthy diet, as you can see from my dinner menu. Snacks…….not so much! We had ice cream tonight. I really need to figure out some snacks to serve that will satisfy them, and fill them up.  My kids and my husband think that snacks have to be big, and plentiful.

I haven’t talked about my vitamins and supplements yet. I am currently taking a multi-vitamin with greens. I was taking Kyo-Green, but ran out. I need to re-order that, and a new multi-vitamin. I ran out of mine and am taking a men’s multi. lol I also take probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin D, and potassium. (The last 2 dependent on my lab results.) If I feel the need, I also will take garlic, and oregano oil capsules. I try to take them every day, but sometimes forget.


Here are my steps for the last week:

Friday  8049

Saturday  7570

Sunday   6956

Monday   6105

Tuesday     5183

Wednesday   6483

Thursday     4826

The VivoFit Activity Bar really encouraged me to take more steps! Last week, using the VivoFit for only 1 1/2 days, the rest I used my old pedometer, I had 33,787 steps. this week, I had 45,172 steps! I’m not up to 10,00 steps yet, but I’m getting closer!

My goals for this week were to increase my steps, (DONE!), and to enter my food into MyFitness Pal, (Partway done). So I guess I met my goals about 75%. I’m satisfied, since I increased my steps by almost 12,000!


My goals for this coming week are:

Increase my steps, enter my food into MyFitness Pal every day, and take my vitamins and supplements every day. Oh, and get to my doctor to discuss my latest lab results. Nope, still haven’t done that!


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