Sitting In The Sun

I really am not a fan of sitting on the sun. Sure, I laid out in the sun as a teen. Growing up on the beaches of Cape Cod I spent a lot of time on the beach. And I do remember laying out on my yard to get a tan as a teenager.

But now, as an adult, the sun is not my friend. You see, I passed out from the heat at an amusement park at the age of 18 and at the weight of 95 pounds. I guess from a heat stroke. (I never went to the doctor) Because ever since then I can not be in the sun for more than about a minute without feeling like I am going to pass out. For the last couple of years, any heat makes me feel sick. Even in the winter time if someones house is too warm, it makes me feel sick.


Sitting in the Sun


I hate it. I really do, because it makes me miss out on many fun times with my family. But there is nothing I can do about. It would make it easier, though, if my family was more understanding instead of pressuring me to go places and be outside when I say I can’t.


So I hate sitting in the sun. I also view it as a waste of time now. However my doctor told me to sit in the sun. I have an extremely low vitamin d level and the sun is the best cure for that. So here I sit in the sun.
I’m not having fun but at least I am being productive by typing on my phone and taking pictures of my view!

my view

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