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I recently tried out The Homer Learn to Read program. The Homer Learn to Read program is a fast, effective way to teach your child how to read that was designed by teachers and experts. Homer is a step-by-step method that will leave parents feeling proud and worry-free. Homer works with homeschool curriculums, or as a supplement you work on at home with your child.

Homer Learn to Read won the 2015 Teacher’s Choice Gold Award. Using Homer for just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost early reading scores by 74%.


Homer Pickle Wickle Park


Homer Learn to Read is for ages 3-8. Here are a few features of Homer:

22 levels, over 1,000 lessons and activities that included phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, quizzes.  There are new lessons added every month.


After you sign up on Homer, you kids get to choose their own avatar from cute little animal pictures, then a thinking cap to put on it. Kids are then taken to Pickle Wickle Park, which is on an island. From there, they can choose which activity they would like to do. Storytime, Discover the World, Music, Learn to Read, and Adventures in History, with more activities coming soon.


Storytime is divided into 4 sections, Poetry, Fables, Folklore, and Homer Stories.

Homer stories

Homer screenshot


Discover the World is divided into 4 sections, Marvelous Mammals, Feathered Friends, The Human Body, & Seasons and Celebrations. Discover the World has over 70 lessons that teach over 300 vocabulary words.




Adventures in History is also divided into 4 sections, Biographies, Cool History, Time Travelers, and World Bookshelf. Adventures in History covers history, geography, and biographies. These cover dozens of important people and places. Also included are traditions, celebrations, and customs from around the world.
In the Learn to Read section, the kids do just that. Learn to Read. The first lesson is A. Kids learn the sound, recognizing the letter in upper and lower case, then identifying pictures that start with the A sound, then pictures that have A as the middle sound. After completing the section, kids get to draw.


Homer screenshot


The site has music that is easily turned off. The colors in the program are bright, and all the pictures kid friendly.

As a homeschooling parent, I love that you are able to track your kids progress, view the gallery with all their drawings, print worksheets and coloring pages.


Homer parent


You can also see what progress they are making with their reading.


Homer Track Progress


Over all, Homer Learn to Read is a great educational website that is kid and parent friendly. This award-winning program is available for web and iPad. A Homer Learn to Read iPhone app will be available mid-February


You can get a free 30 day trial to try out Homer. Use this link to Homer Learn to Read and get a 50% discount on an annual subscription!


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Homer $75 Visa Giftcard Giveaway


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. I love discovering new apps and Homer looks interesting as an education tool and lots of fun for the kids! Thank you for the review!
    MartaG recently posted..Lonely Planet Kids: ParisMy Profile

  2. This sounds like a great start to learning how to read, would be great for my grandson.

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    I like that there is an iPad app for this program; looks fun and easy to use.

  4. Sheila K. says:

    Learning to read is the basis for all future learning, so extra help in the fundamentals, such as that provided by Homer Learn to Read, always is worthwhile.

  5. Julie Wood says:

    Homer Learn to Read is such a good way to help a child learn to read in only 15 minutes a day. It makes learning to read fun and can really help boost reading scores. My daughter would love this!

  6. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    This is a great resource for parents to help get their children ready for school.

  7. Looks cute and easy to use

  8. I can see why it is award winning.. it looks great.

  9. This looks like a good resource for homeschoolers.

  10. This sounds like a great program. I think my kids would enjoy the Adventures in History portion the most.

  11. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    Looks like a wonderful program and I would so love seeing my kids use it.

  12. Steven weber says:

    What an amazing resource for parents, this looks great!

  13. it appears to be a great sharing/learning tool
    MaryAnne JK recently posted..Win over $1000 of organizational products plus the craft supplies to fill themMy Profile

  14. Betsy Barnes says:

    Technology has certainly come a long way, especially in websites to help children learn. When my son was in school, the internet was just starting and locating educational sites was difficult. Homer Learns would have been great when I was using a supplement program at home to help my son. :)

  15. Sounds great for my grandson who is learning to read. I love that it reinforces so many new vocabulary words, too!

  16. Audra O'Hara says:

    I think my daughter would like this site. She would like picking her own avatar and would probably want to do the adventures in history section first.

  17. Looks like a great program for kids, but the name keeps throwing me off; I want it to be Homer learnS to read. lol

  18. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I have not heard of the app but my kids are 6 and 8 and this would help them greatly!

  19. This sounds excellent, better than anything I’ve ever encountered. I have to keep it in mind if I know anyone who needs something like it!

  20. I love that you can see your kid’s progress with reading! This is a great resource for homeschoolers!

  21. I think this program looks really great, and have some kids I think could benefit from it. I tried to sign up yesterday, but it came up with an error, so I will have to try again today.

  22. This is great for me to use in the classroom!

  23. ColleenMarie says:

    This looks like a really fun education program that my kids would really enjoy!

  24. Keri Justice says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that using Homer for just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost early reading scores by 74%, that’s amazing. This would work wonders for my son.

  25. (@knphan) – love the sweep! thanks for sharing. Fun learn to read program!

  26. Great ideas!

  27. Angela Saver says:

    This would really help my nephew learn to read & it looks like he would stay interested because he would be having a good time! Thanks for the 50% discount they have offered!

  28. The track progress feature would be very helpful, I love it.

  29. Tonya Tipton says:

    Homer Learn to Read is a great way to help any child learn to read. I love that it only takes 15 minutes a day to boost a child’s early reading scores by 74%.

  30. Alpa Dutia says:

    i think Homer Learn to Read will be a great website and app for kids to learn and develop their motor skills and it will help them educate in a creative way which will keep them engrossed and not seem bored of learning.

  31. Lyndsey R. says:

    This looks like a great idea! My niece could probably really benefit from this.

  32. this looks so fun! we homeschool and are always looking for fun supplementals and we’re just at the pre reading stage now! this looks great! being able to track progress is gold!

  33. Michelle Simons says:

    Totally need this kind of program for my 4 year old niece. This is the FIRST time i ever heard of this. The Adventures in History would be perfect for her. We are history buffs here. Wonderful review and i am going to check this out.

  34. My Son will be starting Kindergarten in August and this looks like a great learning tool for him.

  35. Stephanie Grant says:

    These apps look fantastic! I’m totally going to have to check these out for my son!

  36. I’ve never heard of this app but I would definitely consider using it when my son is old enough! He’s only 1 so we have a ways to go.

  37. Margaret Smith says:

    What a great program. I love that it makes kids learning to read fun.

  38. This looks such a great, fun educational tool! I am always looking for ways to make learning fun!

  39. Alisha Lizer says:

    Reading is the cornerstone of education! It’s so important to share the love of reading at a young age. This looks like a program any child would love!

  40. I know my niece would enjoy using this app. She is interested in learning to read.

  41. Darlene Carbajal says:

    This is nice. I would love for my nephew to use this.

  42. Cindy Peterosn says:

    Reading is fundamental and any way we can get kids to read is a win in my book.

  43. christina moore says:

    i learned that The Homer Learn to Read Program is the fastest, most effective way to teach a child to read

  44. What an great resource for parents!

  45. I like that it’s divided into 4 sections, that way you can focus on areas your kid enjoys.

  46. looks like a great program

  47. jennifer corrado says:

    i think its a great program for a child learning to read!j

  48. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I am going to introduce Homer Learn to Read to my little granddaughter. I think she will really enjoy it!

  49. This sounds like a great learning tool.

  50. This looks very interesting!

  51. it sounds like a great program

  52. It looks really easy to use and great for the kids. Sounds like a great tool to use in learning.

  53. Oh this sounds so wonderful! Our little one is just beginning reading and this sounds perfect for him! I love that using it for just 15 minutes a day can increase their reading by so much!

  54. It is a great resource for parents

  55. This looks like such a great learning tool especially since kids these days are so advanced with technology. Also good to know that it was created by teachers and experts. I’m definitely going to look into buying one for my little cousin.

  56. I like that you can get a free 30 day trial to try out Homer.

  57. Ronda Patrick says:

    Great way to learn, because they don’t have the interest in just reading, so it incorporates fun and they learn to read!

  58. BRANDY GOODLOE says:

    Well to be honest, I haven’t heard of Homer Learn To Read until now. But I am always looking for new, educational apps for my son. He struggles with reading.

  59. Very interesting!

  60. Looks like an interesting app. Will be looking into it more

  61. Ashley King says:

    I work in a behavior modification classroom and I think this is a great alternative to the traditional way to learn to read. We have to always find new and different ways to teach our kids and I think this would be a great tool to try out in our room.

  62. Kelley Sanders says:

    Looks great

  63. This looks like a great way to get kids interested in reading at an early age.

  64. This looks awesome! My kids will love it!

  65. Allison Swain says:

    This looks like a fun way to learn to read. Cool program. Thank you for the chance to win

  66. Meghan Malicoat says:

    This looks like it would be such a help with my son learning to read.

  67. Carrie Jenkins says:

    What a cute program! I love it

  68. We have been using Homer for awhile. Love it!

  69. Jessica Miller says:

    My niece and nephew would love this!

  70. beth shepherd says:

    This is a great program for sure. We homeschool and this would be great to help with that. Thank you

  71. This sounds great! I will definitely suggest this to my boyfriend’s sister!

  72. Wow. Seems like a great way to learn how to read!

  73. kelly tupick says:

    What a great introduction to learning how to read. This sounds like a wonderful start for young children.

  74. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this program; I’ve been looking into it for a while (I’ve seen positive reviews) and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I like all of the non-fiction themes they feature. My 4 year old loves learning about animals and the human body, and I love how Homer features these kinds of topics so well.

  75. this looks like kids would love it and it would be easy to use.

  76. Id love to enter, but I’m canadian….

  77. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    What a wonderfull learning tool.

  78. This sounds interesting

  79. this looks like a great way to get kids to love to read

  80. I like that you can adjust music and that they have coloring pages and worksheets. This will be perfect for my nephew who is starting to hread.

  81. Terri Irvin says:

    Perfect for my grandchildren! What a good idea, it looks fun!

  82. Looks like a great way for kids to learn. I love that they can choose their own avatar.

  83. Looks like a great app to help kids read….as an English teacher I just love that!!

  84. I like that you can print worksheets and coloring pages

  85. I love how its a great app to learn tp read i love apps that are very educational but fun at the same time

  86. Wish this was around when I was a kid, makes it fun to learn.

  87. this looks like a great learning tool for the youngsters!

  88. I am loving this Homer Learn to Read my grandbabies are at the perfect age 3, to start this program and it will help so much when they start schooling. We always want the best for our kids and this is such a great start to early reading and learning. Thank you for a great review.

  89. Homer Learn to Read reminds me of games I played when I was younger.

  90. Janice Cooper says:

    Homer learn to read sounds great! I love the age group (3-8 yrs old) My friend homeschools her kids and this would come in handy. I love how you can track your child’s progress.

  91. The program sounds like a fun way to learn how to read. The illustrations are adorable. ^.^
    Kristin Aquariann recently posted..Giveaway Linky of TreasureMy Profile

  92. I like that its Fun for the kids, but also their learning at the same time.
    Tammy Woodall recently posted..Making a Home – Homemaking LinkyMy Profile

  93. Elizabeth H. says:

    I really like learning about new and different apps. This Homer app looks fascinating and a blast for kids. Thanks for posting!!!!

  94. Amberli Asby says:

    This sounds like a great tool!

  95. This looks like a neat and fun way for kids to learn.
    Lauren Bassart recently posted..Love is in the Air, in the Car, on a TrainMy Profile

  96. I wish I would have see this earlier when my son was younger. He struggled in reading and still does to this day.

  97. This would be perfect for my great niece as she’s just now in preschool. Her little brother will be in preschool next year so it would be good for him then too. Since this can be used along with school work, my great niece would get tons of practice for all her school classes. I like that they can also draw and listen to the music. Thank you for your review :)

  98. Nancy Burgess says:

    This is awesome what a great way for the kids to learn.This has so much and so many levels.I would love to have this too work with the kids.

  99. Shakeia Rieux says:

    This would be a great for my nieces to do together.I like all that Homer Learn to read offers in their program

  100. I am excited to try this product! My daughter is only 2.5 but I think she’s struggling a little bit with letters, she just doesn’t quite get the concept. I think this might be a great tool to help her learn. Thank you for posting!

  101. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My 6 year old struggles with reading, it’s his least favorite. I think Learn to read with Homer would work because it makes reading FUN!

  102. I love how interactive Homer Learn to Read is! :)

  103. Priscilla S. says:

    This looks like a great resource for parents. I’m impressed that using Homer for just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost early reading scores quite a bit.

  104. Catherine R says:

    I love how brightly colored and engaging it looks. Learning always works better when it is fun.

  105. This sounds like a great start to learning how to read, would be great for my daughter

  106. ellen beck says:

    I really like how fun and colorful this looks it would appeal to most children. Its amazing that in only 15 minutes it can raise reading scores that much. This program sounds amazing.

  107. Leanne Godfrey says:

    I am looking forward to sharing Homer with the kiddos! Thank you for the info!

  108. This is a great program for teaching kids to read in the homeschooling environment.

  109. I like that it’s the #1 Learn-to-Read Program

  110. This is a great resource for parents.

  111. This is not only an awesome giveaway, but a wonderful blog post! I think that with the way school is today, it is important that children also actively educate themselves in fun ways outside of school! I think that this would definitely assist children in wanting to learn more!

  112. it will keep my kids entertaining through reading

  113. laurie murley says:

    this looks like a great learning tool for children

  114. This looks like a great tool and way to help children learn to read. I might have to try this with my kids. Thanks!

  115. I think this would be very beneficial to my 4 grandkids. Would love for them to try it.

  116. Susan Smith says:

    This looks such a great, fun educational tool for children.

  117. Candice Dyer says:

    This looks like it is super fun and useful for kids and parents alike!

  118. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I think this would be really fun to play with my nephew in a few months- I can tell he’s going to be very verbal and probably love words and books like his auntie.

  119. Julie Matek says:

    This sounds awesome! I can’t believe Using Homer for just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost early reading scores by 74%. Thanks for the

  120. I love apps that assist with reading, and allows for a little one to learn at their own pace. I will be downloading this for my little one.

  121. i am really looking forward to it

  122. This is a great programm. I also ike that there is an iPad app for this program; easy to use it in any place.

  123. Karen Jaras says:

    My grandsons have all used online learning sites but I think my 3yo twin grandbabies would love this site as it is newer and more up to par with their abilities.

  124. Roseanne Gary says:

    This looks awesome!!! I have a four year old that will be starting kindergarten next year and this looks like it would be a great help to get him ready. Thanks so much for this amazing review and giveaway.

  125. Kristina Potter says:

    Ive been looking for a great app for my little one for awhile.. Hes three now and likes electronics. So I figured if hes gonna be on the internet he should be learning.. Looks like a great one.

  126. Lisa Walker says:

    This looks like a fantastic idea for kids! Thanks for the review!

  127. elizabeth miller says:

    I love that this is compatable with the ipad and that the app for the iPhone will soon be out. I really love that music can be turned off on it. I like that you can monitor their progress rather easily.

  128. Looks like a way to get kids interested in reading.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..Quick and Easy Crochet Floppy Bunny Ears Hat Free PatternMy Profile

  129. Sarah Mayer says:

    What a wonderfull learning tool.

  130. I love how only 15 minutes with the program can do so much good! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  131. This app would be great to share with my moms group.

  132. This looks like a great program especially for all the homeschooling families. I’m going to let my granddaughter know about it so they can get an early start on learning.

  133. Brandon Sparks says:

    This is very good and simple to use.

  134. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Having great learning apps like this is so important to keep the kids interested and learning!

  135. Michelle Coles says:

    This looks easy to use and would be perfect for my niece!!

  136. Amy Deeter says:

    Never heard of this, but i like that there are 22 levels, over 1,000 lessons and activities that included phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, quizzes

  137. I was really impressed to read that, “Homer Learn to Read won the 2015 Teacher’s Choice Gold Award, ” and that, “Using Homer for just 15 minutes a day has been proven to boost early reading scores by 74%.” That’s awesome for kids aged 3 to 8!

  138. Leah Shumack says:

    I really like that you can print out activity pages and coloring sheets too!

  139. Laurie Emerson says:

    I think it is perfect for helping kids to learn and at the same time have fun doing it. I like how interactive it is and how many things you can do.

  140. This would be great for my nephew. I love to encourage his love of books.
    Thanks for the contest.

  141. Jennifer H. says:

    It looks really fun!

  142. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Looks like a great program the kids would love playing together.