In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu

I’ve been plugging away in the kitchen. Nothing spectacular. Just food and dishes. sigh…..the dishes never end! lol


I found some boneless pork loin chops in the freezer I had forgotten about. So I cooked those last week.


pork chops


I tried something new last week, Ranch Glazed Carrots. They come out great! Recipe coming soon!


ranch glazed carrots


I served both of those with some fried potatoes and homemade cinnamon applesauce. The family was very happy. lol


pork chops ranch glazed carrots fried potatoes homemade applesauce


Saturday, after grocery shopping, I didn’t feel like cooking. So I quickly heated up some leftovers and boiled some water to cook these perogies.  I served them with my favorite jarred spaghetti sauce and some parmesan cheese. Yum! My family really loves perogies. They very much dislike having to follow a serving size. lol



This week, my son is at church camp. Taking one person out of the house really makes a difference. Especially when it is a teenage boy that is always hungry! lol So I’m taking it a little easy this week in the kitchen. I sure would like to take a whole week off. That’s not going to happen, though! lol


In the Kitchen with Linda



In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu


Now…. to answer the question that I get asked about a hundred times a day……….What’s For Dinner?


Saturday – quick & easy- – Leftovers and perogies

Sunday – soup & sandwich day – Chicken strips and homemade macaroni & cheese – My daughter cooked!

Monday – chicken or turkey –  Venison, left over mac & cheese, beets

Tuesday – pizza/pasta – pizza and salad

Wednesday – Taco Night- Taco salads from the local restaurant

Thursday – pork or beef – Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes, glazed carrots

Friday venison  – Venison roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions in the slowcooker



For more ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday


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