It’s Been One Crazy Summer



Fall is now officially here and I am reflecting back over our summer.


It’s been one crazy summer!


It's Been One Crazy Summer!


My mother moved in with us! After being in 3 different hospitals for a total of 4 months, my mother was finally able to come home. She chose to move in with us until she was ready to go back to her home. We all get along, so that wasn’t a problem. The dynamic just changes when someone else moves into the house. She was here for almost 4 months. I’m happy to say that she has now moved back to her own house! I’m happy for her not happy she is gone! lol That was her goal. As soon as she was aware of what was going on in the hospital and starting to get better she said she wanted to go back to her own house. Here she is on her 80th birthday this summer eating her seafood feast I made for her birthday dinner.




I spent the majority of the summer driving 3 kids to work. At three different places. All working different hours. In 2 different towns! I felt like I was living in my car! lol




One daughter, Hannah, saved enough money and bought her own car this summer. So now she drives herself to work. Which is awesome because she is the one that worked in another town about 30 minutes away.


Hannah car


The 17 year old girl quit her waitressing job, so I didn’t have to drive her anymore. My son, unfortunately, fell and broke his leg. His work laid him off since you can’t work in a factory with a broken leg. :( I’m happy to report he is leg has healed, and he is currently looking for a job. He did get his van running before he had to stop working. So I will only have to drive him to the new job for a couple of weeks until he can get insurance on it again. Even though he had a broken leg, he still helped us set up the huge clothes giveaway at church.


Kenny clothes giveaway


We had a litter of 3 kittens and a litter of 3 puppies born about 24 hours apart! May 17th and May 18th. My kids were so happy! They love when the animals have babies. It got a little crazy in the house though. (If crazier is possible!)




Our cats have always been outdoor cats, except when they have kittens. (Sorry for the blurry pic. One of the kids took it, and it’s the only pic I have) Then they get to stay in the house for about a month. They love it! lol And so do the kids. Mama kitty has to round up her kittens when she wants to feed them, as the kids are always holding the kittens.




Piper, the mama dog, was very unappreciative of the cat being near her puppies. This sometimes led to a little fighting. Mama kitty always won. lol Piper doesn’t like getting her nose scratched. lol


I worked in the kitchen for Vacation Bible School at our church. That’s a lot of food to prepare.  We served Nachos one night. This is just some of the bowls of nachos.


VBS nachos


We even made a 12 foot ice cream sundae on the last night!


12 foot sundae


My youngest son went to two different camps this summer. He went to Kung Fu camp put on by his Kung Fu instructor. He was gone from Monday to Thursday afternoon, and had a great time. The next week he was home, before leaving the following week for church camp. He was gone from Monday to Friday afternoon. He turned 16 while at church camp!

Zach camp


He always has a great time at both those camps. This was his 2nd year at Kung Fu camp and his 5th year at church camp. As soon as he gets home, he’s talking about going back next year.

We, meaning he, kept homeschooling all summer. Well, except for the 2 weeks he was gone to camp.

To end the summer with some additional craziness, he got his drivers license permit! We survived teaching his 5 older siblings how to drive. I hope we can survive him! lol He and I have laughed so much over this picture. I happened to take this picture at just the right moment, after the flash from the official camera went off. His picture on his permit came out good, but this one is just hilarious. lol


zach permit


So after a very busy, very crazy summer, with 90 degree temps the whole summer, I’m ready for fall!


How about you, did you have a good or crazy summer? Are you ready for fall, too?



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  1. Wow, your summer was definitely busy. Loving that your son has so much fun at his church camp that he’s excited to go again for a 6th year. That’s a blessing.

  2. Looks like you had quite a busy summer. One of these days I will write about what I’ve been up to. Yes, I am ready for the fall season!
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