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Our youngest daughter turned 18! Hard to believe that my baby girl is 18! I made pork chops, mashed potatoes, beets, and homemade applesauce for her birthday dinner.


pork chops mashed potatoes beets homemade applesauce


And chocolate cake, of course! Complete with trick candles picked out by her younger brother. lol


chocolate cake


Check out this chocolate cake! Want to know my secret recipe for the best chocolate cake ever? Go buy a can of Hershey’s Cocoa and follow the directions on the back for the cake and the frosting. Not much of a secret, I know. lol But it’s so good!


chocolate cake


We are finishing up the venison my husband put in the freezer last fall. This time we had bacon wrapped venison tenderloin. The guys were practically drooling at the thought of bacon wrapped meat. lol


bacon wrapped venison tenderloin


On Sunday, we had Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches after church. They go together quickly, and are a family favorite. We usually use provolone cheese, but any cheese will work.


hot ham cheese sandwiches


I did some freezer cooking yesterday. I cooked 3 pounds of hamburger and a pound of bacon.


hamburger bacon


They became Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos. Well, the meat part that went in the freezer. The chips and cheese will be added when we are ready to eat them. The recipe is from FreezEasy. Look for my review next week!


bacon cheeseburger nachos


I cooked about 5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts. About half will be turned into a recipe for the freezer tomorrow. The rest will go in the freezer just like it is for when I want cooked chicken.


baked chicken


I also put 5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast in the freezer raw. I like having options. lol


freezer chicken


What have you been up to in your kitchen lately?


In the Kitchen with Linda



In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu


Now…. to answer the question that I get asked about a hundred times a day……….What’s For Dinner?


Saturday – quick & easy- leftovers

Sunday – soup & sandwich day – Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Monday – chicken or turkey –  Slow Cooker Butter Chicken, rice, peas and carrots

Tuesday – pizza/pasta – Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad

Wednesday – Taco Night- Jag – a one pan rice dish

Thursday – pork or venison – Pork chops, artisan bread, broccoli, homemade applesauce

Friday venison  – Venison roast, potatoes, & carrots in slow cooker,



For more ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday



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