My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tips


It seems I am constantly in my kitchen. So I am always looking for kitchen time savers. Here are my


My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tips


My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tips


Hang a calendar in the kitchen – makes it easier to plan ahead for events, great for writing menus on, and keeping track of how old leftovers are


Store your herbs, salt, etc. in a drawer next to the stove – it’s easy to grab what you need while cooking




Store your measuring cups in a bin – they won’t fall out of the cabinet every time you open the door


Store your measuring spoons standing up in a cup or round storage container – it’s easier to find the one you are looking for




Keep your most used recipes taped to the inside of an upper cabinet – they will always be there when you need them


Put plastic wrap over the keyboard of your computer when following a recipe online – you can scroll or click without getting food on your keyboard



Keep your cutting board from traveling across the counter while you are chopping by placing a damp dish towel under it



Meat is easier to slice if you put it in the freezer for 30 minutes first


Cool cookie sheets before putting more dough on to bake – the dough melts too quickly if placed on hot pans


When reheating foods in the microwave¬†cover with a damp paper towel – it absorbs splatters, keeps food from drying out, and won’t melt & sag onto your food like plastic wrap


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