Say Yes to The Cake!


We humans celebrate with food. Think about it.


Can you name any celebrations that don’t include food? Whether they are religious holidays, community events, birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, and any manner of parties. Food is not only included, but is an integral part of the celebration.


Say Yes To The Cake!


Say Yes to The Cake!


Let’s focus in on family celebrations for a minute. How many birthdays have we refused to eat the cake? Are our kids going to remember how much fun they had with us or are they going to remember that mom never ate their birthday cake with them?


Yes, of course we need to focus on our health and what we eat. I’m not saying eat cake every day. Just as a celebration with your family. Most hostesses will honor your request for just a small piece of cake. Sometimes, though, we all will run in to a hostess that will give us a large piece of cake anyway.
Here’s my solution. Eat a bite or two. Celebrate. Comment to the hostess, or to your kids, how great the cake is. Then throw the rest of the cake away. We needn’t feel guilty for throwing away something we didn’t ask for.
I recommend celebrating all occasions with your kids. They will be grown and gone before you know it.

Celebrate with them! Have fun!

Say yes to the cake!



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