I Quit


I quit my new job today. The one I’ve had for 3 weeks. The one I got after having not having worked full time in 32 years.

I went to work to start replacing my husbands income. He has literally become allergic to his work. Literally. So we are trying to figure out ways to replace his income so he can quit his job before he gets any sicker.

I got hired for a second shift work at home job. It has been awful for my family, though. I did not think that it would be that hard on my family. I knew it would be an adjustment for everyone. But it was much, much harder on them than I thought it would be.

I always put my family first. It’s who I am. I can not, and will not sacrifice my family for money. No amount of money is worth putting my family through a hard time.

I asked for a shift change, but I would have had to work two more weeks before being able to ask for a switch, and then there is no guarantee.

So after much prayer, thought, and discussion with my husband, I decided to quit. And, no, my husband did not tell, ask, or force me to quit. It was totally my decision.

I will be going back to work full time when my family situation changes. I.E. when my youngest son graduates high school.


I Quit


So I quit my job today. And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


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  1. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. Having a family, and juggling a job is tough. I do NOT know how moms can manage to work full time and get it all done at home too. My oldest always complaigns about the stuff he wants that classmates have. Secretly, I think it’s working mom guilt that they’ve got $500 birthday gifts! When my youngest started prek, I was blessed to have someone at church offer me a during his prek hours job, and that’s been great. My husband is a teacher in a small town, so we always have enough, but it’s hard to save, and hard to always so no, so my income, though it’s only a few hundred a month, has helped do those things. Once my baby is in kindergarten next year, I’m going to have to work more. I’m hoping to still stay part time hours though, just more of them, or maybe be a teachers sub, so I can still have some flexibility to help my kids if they need me, and make dinners without being exhausted.

    Can I just say though, I think it’s really, really crummy that moms have to work to help out the family nowdays. I wish it were still like in those black and white sitcoms.

    I hope your husband is okay, and whatever it is making him allergic, you guys can figure out a solution for.