What Should Your Homeschool Day Look Like



That is both a hard and easy question.


What should your homeschool day look like?


Homeschool moms & dads everywhere struggle with that question.


What Should Your Homeschool Day Look Like


It’s tough because we want to make sure we fit everything in. All the required school work, the supplemental music, art, sports, church activities, scouting, etc, and family time.


I think I have fried a few brain cells over the years trying to answer this question. We started homeschooling kindergarten with our oldest in 1991. We are still homeschooling our youngest. That’s a lot of years, and a lot of homeschool schedules to figure out!


~ To make answering this question easier, start with how you want your family’s life to look outside of school hours.


Does Dad or Mom have a work schedule that is different from 9-5? Adjust school hours to coincide with the work schedule. Some people do school on the weekends, so the family can have the same days off together.


Want to be done with school in the morning so you can have afternoons & evenings free for family time or visiting others?


Want mornings free for family time before Dad leaves for work in the afternoon? Start school after Dad leaves, and work into the evening if necessary.


~ Then  you will need to decide what activities you will do on school days.


Does your homeschool group have classes you attend during the day?When my two oldest were younger, we belonged to a group that had classes one day a week. Some groups meet 2 or 3 days a week.


What about sports? Often times, homeschool sports meet during the afternoon or early evening hours. Then games are often during the day. Two of my girls played on a homeschool volleyball team. We had to adjust their schooling schedules around volleyball practices and games for a few months.


~ There will also be certain seasons that you may have to curtail outside activities, and have a lighter school work load.


Like after a new baby is born, or when someone in the family has a scheduled surgery. Maybe you are going to be taking care of an elderly or sick parent for a time.


A schedule doesn’t have to be forever. It may be just for a season. Fall football, winter volleyball, spring soccer. Until Dad or mom’s work schedule changes, or until the baby sleeps through the night.


~ There are many activities, and daily living activities that you will need to adjust your homeschool schedule for.


By planning what days and times work best for your family, you can make sure everything gets done without the kids, or you, being overwhelmed.


Deciding on a schedule that will work for your family is a must do first step. You have to have the schedule written before you get to the fun part. Lesson planning!


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