Wellness Wednesday – Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Did you know that up to 80% of your body weight is water?


Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Not drinking enough water has been associated with many complications and diseases. There have been a couple of studies that show that drinking more water can reduce the chances of getting some diseases. (Source for both those statements)


There are many consequences on a daily basis from not drinking enough water that you may not realize. Foggy thinking, daytime fatigue, lethargy, headaches, nausea, and constipation.


Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Benefits of Drinking Enough Water Every Day


  • helps to lose weight
  • healthy skin
  • fights infection
  • rids the body of toxins
  • healthy heart
  • helps to prevent joint pain & arthritis
  • boosts energy
  • prevents constipation
  • reduces risk of cancer
  • improves productivity


How Much Water Should You Drink


How much water you need to drink every day depends on many factors. Age, body size, weather conditions, activity levels. The old recommendation of 8 Р8 oz glasses a day may not be enough for you.


For the last few months I have been reading that you should drink half you body weight in ounces of water daily. That is what I try to do.


The best way to judge if you are drinking enough water is by your urine. Urine should be light yellow to clear. If your urine is darker, you are not drinking enough water.


Ways to Drink More Water

  • drink a glass of water upon waking
  • use a straw
  • use a pretty or thermal water bottle
  • set an alarm every hour
  • add fruit or cucumber slices to your water
  • drink 1 cup before every meal
  • use a water tracking app on your phone


Drinking enough water is vitally important to you health. It is so worth the effort to monitor your, and your family’s, water intake to ensure their health.


Now go get a drink of water!


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