A Walk in the Country

I headed out my front door, across the front yard, and up my new to me stairs for my walk. My husband recently put these stairs in using recycled railroad ties. He needs to redo the railing, it’s too low. It was the right height for the stairs that were there before, but too low for these. The wild violets quickly spread out into the dirt between the stairs. I hope they continue to grow into all the spaces.




Turning left on the road at the top of the stairs, this is my view. That’s my mailbox on the left, and my dog in the road clearing the way for me. lol


country road


The neighbor’s barn.


country road barn


I’m told that this barn used to be a feed store back in the day. There is still a feed sign hanging up. All this land was then part of a dairy farm. Before we got here.




This is the view after turning around at the barn and heading back. You can see a few cows on the hill. The cows are the neighbors, but the hill is mine. lol We let the neighbor run the cows on our property to keep it from getting overgrown.


cows hillside


I think the vines growing on the trees look cool. That’s my driveway on the other side of the trees.


vine tree


This butterfly house is in my front yard. We have never seen a butterfly coming or going from it. I did read that the butterflies go in, lay their eggs, and go right back out again. So that’s probably why. This year, the honeysuckle vine is trying to overtake it.


honeysuckle butterfly house


There are wild roses everywhere around here, and they are just starting to bloom. They smell amazing!


wild rose


The wild Daisies are also just starting to bloom.




Spring is my favorite season! So many things growing and blooming!


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