In the Kitchen with Linda

It seems like I spend hours in the kitchen every day. Probably cause I do. lol

I haven’t planned out a menu in a while. Written down. I do plan a little in my head. Not the best thing to do. lol

I really need to get back to writing down a menu. I’m sure my kitchen time would go much smoother if I do!


My mother recently celebrated her 84th birthday. Our gift to her was a seafood dinner.  She’s a Cape Codder, so she loves her seafood. Being land locked in Kentucky now, we don’t eat as much seafood as we used to. She loves it when we do these dinners for her!

This time I made her sauteed scallops, sauteed shrimp, crab cakes (store bought), fries, homemade tartar sauce, cocktail sauce (store bought), chicken for those that didn’t want seafood, zucchini, and garlic bread. I made 2 lobster tails just for her. She didn’t have to share those! She picked those shells clean! lol


seafood dinner


I made breakfast for dinner the last week. Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon, and strawberry muffins.




These strawberry muffins using fresh strawberries were amazing! We will definitely be making these again!


strawberry muffins

My daughter graduated from college earlier this month. Even though there wasn’t a graduation. ugh She waited to celebrate till now in the hopes that we would be able to have more than 5 people. And we were!

She had bought these silicone cake pan with her college logo. I made cupcakes in it while she was at work. Well, the first batch was a disaster! I over filled them. Oh, and I forgot to spray it first! ugh I used a homemade chocolate cake and it was just too tender for this pan. So all those things combined, and all I got out of the pan was crumbs. lol


cake fail


So I started over. I went to the store and got a cake mix. I was careful to not over fill. And I remembered to spray the pan! lol




So they came out great! In every way! lol




She had requested them to be frosted with white homemade frosting, with blue sprinkles. The school colors. I actually liked them better unfrosted. I think brownies would be better made in this pan since you lose the details when you frost them. She was happy, and that’s all that matters!




We just did a cake and ice cream party. I made 2 13×9 cakes, one store bought yellow mix (because I have yet to master making a yellow cake from scratch), and one homemade chocolate cake. I put them together on a large cake board and frosted them as one cake with homemade chocolate frosting. Ice cream not pictured as it was in the freezer. lol She did request fruit and homemade fruit dip, too.


graduation party


She was happy with everything!

And we are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. Now she’s on to grad school!

And I’m back in the kitchen! lol


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