My #1 Piece of Advice to Homeschool Moms


I have 6 kids, and began homeschooling in September 1991 when we started kindergarten with my oldest.


Now, all six have graduated from our homeschool! Our youngest graduated in February of 2019.  I did the math for you. We homeschooled for 27 years.


So I have a lot of experience homeschooling. And  now, I’m going to share my #1 piece of advice to homeschool moms.


My #1 Piece of Advice to Homeschool Moms


My #1 Piece of Advice to Homeschool Moms


Are you ready for it? Here it is!




Yes, that one word is my #1 piece of advice to homeschool moms. Really. Here are just a few examples of what I mean when I say relax.


Relax. Make learning fun for your young elementary ages kids.  It’s ok if your kid doesn’t learn how to read until they are 10. Or doesn’t memorize the times table until they are 12. The list could go on and on. It really is ok to relax and let your student learn at their own pace.


Relax. It’s ok if your middle school and high school students don’t play every sport or join every homeschool club or co-op you can find. It’s ok to let them pick only one sport or one club.  It’s even ok if your student doesn’t want to play sports or join any club at all!


Relax. There will be gaps. I have heard so many times over our homeschooling years about gaps in homeschool students learning. Guess what? No matter where you go to school, no matter how hard the homeschool teacher and classroom setting teacher try, there will be gaps in a student’s learning! It is not humanly possible to learn everything there is to learn in 12 years of schooling.

You know what? College graduates will have gaps in their learning, too! It is also not humanly possible to learn everything there is to learn in the world in four years of college. If your students don’t like and study British Literature, they will still be ok. If your students don’t learn Greek Mythology, they will still be ok. Relax. Let your high school students follow their interests. Let them study what they are passionate about. No, I’m not saying they can skip the core subjects they need to graduate. Those are mandatory. But let them have a say in what they are studying. And definitely let them choose their own electives. Learning can be, and should be, still fun in high school.


There you have it.


My #1 piece of advice to homeschool moms. Relax.





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  1. This will be my first year being a homeschool mom (well, distance learning)… thru an online program. This is good advice! I was wondering about social clubs, groups, sports, etc. But it’s OK to skip a year, or if my son doesn’t want to play, I am not going to pressure him! (Especially now, with Covid-19 still present.)