200 Situp Challenge Week 5

Today is Week is supposed to be the start of Week 5 for me. But I’m going to repeat Week 4. I just don’t feel ready to go on. I could complete Week 4, but it was tough. 
When I did todays sit-ups, Week 4, Day 1, it almost seemed easy!
I did do the exhaustion test the other day, and I completed 50 push ups.
I’ll repeat the exhaustion test again next week, after I repeat Week 4.
Now, for a funny story!
The other day, I was in between sets, lying on the floor, when my husband walked in.
“What are you doing?”
I’m exercising, can’t you tell?
Guys, I said to the kids, he can’t tell I’m exercising!
“He’s weird!” said youngest son!
It’s a wonder I get any sit ups down, with my family around!

200 Situp Challenge Week 4

Today is Week Four Day Two for me.
I still haven’t had any soreness. Which is a good thing! 
I have found week four to be very hard.
I completed day two today, but I found it hard to complete.
If I have such a hard time on Day 3, I may repeat week four next week.
My goal is to strengthen my weak stomach muscles.
So even if I repeat week 4, I will still be meeting my goal.
I’m ok with talking longer than 6 weeks to complete the challenge.
But I will complete the challenge!

200 Sit Up Challenge Update

Phew! I was right, Week Three is challenging!
Today is Week Three Day Three for me.
What has surprised me, is that I haven’t been sore at all! I know that my stomach muscles were in pretty bad shape when I started. I have always had weak stomach muscles. I am actually doing more a few more sit ups in the last set than the number listed. I guess I shouldn’t complain, huh? lol
The funny part this last week was when I did the sit ups in the living room, and the kids were standing around yelling at me. The acted like they were Jillian, yelling at me to go higher and do more. It was very funny!


Today I decided to do my sit ups in the livingroom as the chair works better to hold my feet down, then the ironing pile I use in my room. (Yes, I have an ironing pile, and yes, I shoved my feet under the pile to do my sit ups. lol) Three kids walked in a different times to see my laying on the floor.

Here’s what they said:

Are you feeling alright?

Did you pass out?

What are you doing? To which I answered “exercising”. She then said “It doesn’t look like it.

roflol I was on the rest period, so I was just lying there. She didn’t think I was exercising.

But technically, I was. :)

200 Situp Challenge

Ok, I tried the 200 Sit up Challenge last year. I started with the kids, and I don’t even remember why, but we stopped doing it.

Since I’ve been sick, I have been very inactive. Since I needed to get back to exercising even though I’m still not feeling well, I figured the 200 Sit up Challenge was a good place to start.

If I pass out, I’m already laying on the floor and don’t have far to fall!

Today I finished Week 2 Day 3. So far so good. I haven’t even been sore. I can’t figure that out, I should be sore! lol

I start Week 3 Day 1 on Wednesday. Week 3 looks challenging. This just might be the week that I start feeling sore!

Week 3…The Rerun

Well, Week 3 of the 200 Sit ups Challenge is hard!

There was much moaning, groaning, and rolling around on the floor. And then the kids started! lol

So, we’re going to repeat Week 3 this week. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will be ready to move on.

I knew, that with my weak stomach muscles, that this was going to be hard. And I was right!

Week 3, Day 2

Well, we’ve gotten behind, and are still on week 3. Today we’re doing day 2, and we did day 1 last week. I guess, just keeping going and moving forward is the important part, right?

It’s not to difficult so far. That is, if you don’t ask H. but then again, she thinks moving should be reserved for turning the pages of a good book! lol the other 3 kids seem to be doing just fine with the program. As I am.

I can already feel a difference in the strength of my abs. the tape measures not responding, as of yet. but I’m sure that will follow. At least I hope so!

Exhaustion Test

“Hannah….it’s time for your exhaustion test.”

“I’m already exhausted, why do I have to take a test?”

ROFLOL She got up and did it anyway, lol, and she managed to do 22.

Calen did 30, Abigail 30, Zachary 18, and Linda (that’s me :) ) did 30.

So we’re all set to start Week 3 tomorrow!