31 Day Fitness Challenge Check in 1

This week didn’t go like I had planned.

My husband had to take me the the ER early Monday morning. Early like 3 a.m. My blood pressure and pulse were really high. Then I went my regular doctor in the afternoon. She had changed my blood pressure medicine, and the new one wasn’t working. She put me back on the old one, and I’m doing better. She did have reasons for changing it in the first place, but the high blood pressure and pulse outweigh the original reasons.

So, needless to say, I didn’t get to exercise every day.

Also, needless to say, the percentage of body fat didn’t go down at all this week.

From January 1st to January 8th, (Friday to Friday) I exercised for 5 days, and missed 3. And the days I exercised, I wasn’t able to exercise at the intensity I wanted to.

See, I’ve been sick more often than not since August 17th, 2009. (yeah, I know the exact date) Just one thing right after another. So I’m working on getting my strength back, also.

Even though I’m disappointed that I couldn’t exercise every day, I am thankful that I was able to exercise for 5 days.

And I’m going to keep plugging along for the rest of the challenge, because it’s not that I wouldn’t exercise those days, it’s that I couldn’t.

I’ll be back next week with a much better report!

Visit The Classic Housewife’s 31 Day Fitness Challenge.

31 Day Fitness Challenge

I’m joining the 31 Day Fitness Challenge over at The Daily Life of a Classic Housewife.

During January, I’m going to….

Exercise every day…..I have a few exercise tapes, and dvds that I will use, if the weather was nice I could go walking outside. Since it’s January, that’s not likely to happen. We also have a Wii, and will be getting Wii Fit. Hopefully it’s as good as everyone says, and we can actually count it as exercise.

Blog about my exercise weekly….every Saturday, I will update my blog with the days that I exercised and what I did.

My Goals for January are…..

to exercise every day….that one’s pretty obvious, huh?

to eat healthier…..which for me means less sugar, and to up my veggie intake even more.

to lower my percentage of body fat….yeah, pounds would be nice, too. I’ll take’em! But I bought a scale that gives you the percentage of body fat. Let’s just say it’s not good!

Well, that doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

Why don’t you join the 31 Day Fitness Challenge, too?!