“Q” is for Quinoa

I love Quinoa!

Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wah, is a psuedocereal, a grain-like crop. Quinoa is the seed of the goosefoot plant. A psuedocereal is not a true grain, but is still easily ground into flour. The protein content is very high, and Quinoa has all the amino acids that our body needs, making it a complete protein source. If your trying to increase the nutrient content of your meals, Quinoa is an excellent way to do it. It tastes great, too!


QuinoaUncooked Quinoa


Quinoa is usually used as one would use a grain like wheat or oats. It’s as easy to cook as rice.  However, Quinoa actually is from the same family as spinach, swiss chard and beets. Quinoa can also be ground into a flour and is used in gluten free baking.

My kids like Quinoa for the most part. Some will it it plain, some prefer it served with a sauce. While I do like it plain, serving it with Chicken Parmesan is my favorite way. So far, I haven’t served it as our only protein source at a meal. I don’t think  my meat eater husband would appreciate that very much. lol I have gotten him to the point where he will eat a bean based meal once a week, though. Sometimes twice a week.

I did try one recipe last summer that I did not like. I tried a Quinoa Tabouleh recipe off the package. I thought it sounded good, and I had a lot of fresh peppermint in my herb garden. I have never had Tabouleh before, and I should have known from reading the recipe that the flavors would be strong. I, the Quinoa lover of the family, couldn’t even eat it. I will try it another time, but I will cut the lemon juice and peppermint down drastically, than increase to taste.

Quinoa is a tasty, nutritious addition to our menu.


Have you ever tried Quinoa?


Blogging Thru the Alphabet – M, N, O, P

It appears that I’m way behind blogging thru the alphabet. sigh…

So this is my catch up post!


M is for miracle…. I believe in miracles!  The miracles described in the Bible were not just for Bible times. God still performs miracles today! I have witnessed several of God’s miracles for myself. Just look around! God is showing us His miracles everyday!


N is for Never, Never Land…. My husband has been on vacation this week, so it feels like that’s where I am. lol  With him being home all the time, no school, and Christmas, I’m so confused. lol I’m having a hard time knowing what day it is. The kids are all off schedule. Everyone has been staying up way to late at night and sleeping way to late in the morning. We’ve had a nice, relaxing week, though, with minimal outside activities.The weather has not been cooperating, so we have all just been hanging out around the house most of the time. That’s ok, it makes for lots of great family time together!


O is for ornament…. We have a family tradition of getting each of the kids a new Christmas tree ornament every year. This is the first year that I haven’t bought their ornaments before Christmas. sigh…. I just can not seem to keep my head above water. I always feel like I’m behind. I have plans to change that in the new year!


P is for Plans…. I’m making lots of plans and goals for the new year. I need to get my act together! Most importantly, though, I want to make sure my plans agree with God’s plans for me.

For I know what plans I have in mind for you,’ says ADONAI,’plans for well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Oh, yes, please let me never forget to seek God’s will first!


Blogging Through the Alphabet

“M” is for Mistake

“M” is for Mistake. The mistake of putting dish soap in a high efficiency washing machine!

Seriously? I was ready to scream when my oldest son used dish soap to wash his laundry. Ok, I was more than ready. I did scream!

soap suds in washing machine

Definitely scream worthy, don’t you think? Please tell me I’m not the only one that would have (did!) scream! He tried to hide it from me, but a washing machine full of soap suds is not easy to hide. lol

I took out three large stock pots full of suds, the laundry covered with soap suds, and there was still more! I wiped it a lot more out with towels. Every nook and cranny of this machine was filled with soap suds! I then had to fill and drain about 20 times to finally get rid of the suds! Of course, that meant standing there to turn on the rinse cycle, then stopping and starting the spin cycle to drain the water. The machine having an electronic control panel means I had to start the cycle, turn the machine off, start the other cycle and repeat….again and again and again. I had to keep stopping it, as once it filled with water and started turning, it made more suds!

I finally got all the suds out.

It’s safe to say that no one in this house will ever make the mistake of using dish soap in the washing machine again!



Blogging Through the Alphabet

“L”is for Laughter

We laugh a lot around here. A lot. About anything and everything. If someone says something funny, and my son says “LOL” instead of actually laughing, it makes me laugh all the more. Yes, he really says L-O-L. With a straight face.

That’s ok, laughter is the best medicine!

So I have to share what I received in the mail the other day. As a member of Vocal Point I received a full size sample of Charmin Freshmates.

I know, you’re thinking “How’s that funny?!”

In addition to the wipes sample I also received this towel.


Yes, that does say “Face” and “Tush”

Now do you see why we were laughing? Tush and tushie have become the new favorite words for one of my kids. Who happens to be a teenager. lol Said kid has used this word numerous times a day since we received this towel. Yes, we laugh. It’s hard not to laugh when someone uses the word tush or tushie whenever it can possibly fit into a sentence. lol

Kid even has the towel on a chair, folded so you sit on the tush part. Kid calls it the tushie chair! roflol I told the kid I was going to send it to church camp with them next summer as a beach towel. Kid said OK!   roflol   Siblings who will also be at camp said NO!!   roflol

God sure has blessed our family with kids and laughter!


Blogging Through the Alphabet

“K” is for Keeping Me Sane

Ok, the term sanity is relative. You are visiting Linda’s Lunacy. I am a homeschool mom of 6. Some days, I feel like I lost my sanity years and kids ago. lol My kids will definitely tell you I’m insane…. So don’t ask them! lol

Even though our days are very busy and sometimes chaotic, I try to do at least one, if not more, things that I like and that I find relaxing. It’s my way of hanging on to what sanity I do have left.

Here are some of the things I like to do.

Read my Bible

Read a book

Crochet, knit or craft something

Play a game online ok, I do this more than once a day :)

Play a game with the kids Have to be careful with this one, as it could lead to more insanity!

Take a walk, when I feel well enough

Tour my gardens and take pictures – They are not as formal as that sounds

Visit with family (including the ones I live with)

Blog, of course

Do something to help others– Work at our churches clothes closet, mentor a Bible in 90 Days group

Watch a favorite tv show or movie Even better when combined with crafting!


That’s my list off the top of my head. Having a plan to do one or more of these at least once a day, preferably more, helps me to keep my sanity.


What are some things you do to keep your sanity on crazy days?


Blogging Through the Alphabet

“J” is for Jungle

Ok, I was at a loss for a J word to blog about. So I decided to let Facebook help me. I scrolled down my wall until I found the first word that started with J, that wasn’t a name.

Jungle it is.

I have never been to the jungle. Unless you count my garden in August. haha

I did live in Florida for 5 years. The heat in the summer feels very jungle like. Although, Kentucky has much more humidity that Florida. I actually think the heat and humidity in Kentucky is much more jungle like than Florida. Without the palm trees…..

Not jungle related is the fact that we had an earthquake here in Kentucky Saturday afternoon. I was the first in the house to notice it, “The house is shaking, why is the house shaking?!?!” I was the first of my friends to post about it on Facebook, too. I’m just cool like that.  :)

Ok, now back to the jungle!

I don’t even have any favorite books about the jungle. Or favorite jungle movie or jungle anything…..

I think some documentaries I recently watched with my 12 year old son are  my new jungle favorite, though. It’s called Growing Up Wild. I’ll be sharing a review soon, so be on the look out for it. It’s definitely worth watching for the whole family.

Anybody have any favorite jungle books or movies that I just must read or see? Because apparently, I haven’t spent enough time in the jungle! lol


Blogging Through the Alphabet

“I” is for Homemade Ice Cream

When my oldest two were little, like 2 and 3, I had an ice cream maker that attached to my “kitchen center”. I don’t know if they even make those anymore. You had the base that sat on the counter, and you changed the top for what you needed, blender, food processor, ice cream maker. Seems like they had more attachemnts available, too.

Anyway, we loved making homemade ice cream. Fast forward about 23 years, and I bought a 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream MakerAffiliate Link. We’ve had fun this summer making and eating homemade ice cream.

We’ve settled on a family favorite, Vanilla! While some like chocolate better, we are satisfied to top our vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce. That way, we only have to make one batch of ice cream, instead of two for a snack or desert.

Not that my family would mind having two flavors at once. :)  But since it takes about an hour to churn, it is much more practical to only make one flavor. Not to mention the ice. The only ice maker we have is me. lol And that would be a lot of ice to make two batches in one day. lol

So, here’s the recipe that I use for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream:

4 1/2 cups heavy cream

4 1/2 cups whole milk

3 cups sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla extract (real, not imitation)

You can use more cream and less milk or more milk and less cream, according to your taste.

Follow the freezing directions with your ice cream maker.


There’s no ice cream better than homemade!

Anybody else make homemade ice cream? I’m not the only one, am I?


Blogging Through the Alphabet