Tweethearts Wall Hanging DIY

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A friend posted a picture on social media that said “Grandma’s Tweet Hearts”.

It featured kids footprints turned into birds.


I fell in love with it!


And the first chance I got I made one myself with my grandkids.


MiMi's Tweet Hearts DIY


It’s pretty easy to do. And I’m not an artist. lol

The first step is to paint the kids feet with craft paint and put foot prints on a canvas. I used one foot from each of my grandchildren.

Make sure you have help for that step! At least 2 people are needed. 3 would be even better. It depends on how cooperative your babies and toddlers are. Some freak out when you paint their feet. lol

After that’s dry, add bird bellies, feet, beaks, and eyes.

I outlined the belly and beak, then filled in with yellow. I added a few paint brush strokes of brown and white for highlights.

I painted the little feet with yellow on a small brush. Then added just a few highlights in brown.

For the eyes, I put a dot of white, with a dot of black inside.

I printed “MiMi’s Tweet Hearts” on mine, but you can use whatever name your kids or grandkids call you.

I added their names, but you don’t have to. Then I thought it needed a little something something extra, so I added a few little hearts.

I think it came out soooooo cute! It’s hanging in my living room!

These would make great gifts, too!


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My Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

It’s been a while since I had done any craft projects. I have been itching to do something lately, though. So when I saw this, I just knew I had to try it.

I followed the directions for a Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar from It All Started with Paint.  It was pretty easy to start.


fishnet wrapped mason jar


It actually went pretty quick! It’s a little messy with all the little “hairs” coming off the twine.


fishnet wrapped mason jar


And I love how it turned out! I filled it with shells and put it in my beach themed bathroom.

fishnet wrapped mason jar


I love it! I think I’m going to make a couple more, too!

Crochet Towel Holder

I’m not sure why, but my family can not leave a dish towel hanging up. They are not happy until it is crumbled in a ball somewhere, or laying in the floor. sigh It drives me insane!

So way back in 2007, I made these Crochet Dish Towel Top.

They worked pretty well. Those towels are long gone now. Well, I do have one left, but it is a rag now. lol That’s ok, because I have made something even better now!

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My New Crocheted Hat and Cowl

One of my daughters bought me some yarn for Christmas. I usually make stuff for other people instead of myself. Since the yarn was a gift, I decided it was only fitting to make something for myself.

crocheted hat cowl

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Crocheted Hat with Reflective Yarn

I bought this reflective yarn in January 2014. My son wanted me to make him a hat. I, his very slow mother, finally finished it! lol

Crochet hat with black reflective yarn

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Crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf

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I only made one handmade gift this past Christmas. I made this Crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf for my mother, a breast cancer survivor.


Croched Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf



Crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf


My daughter is modeling the scarf in these first two pictures. This ribbon scarf is super easy to make. It looks more complicated than it is.  It’s a very pretty scarf, too.


Croched Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf



You could make this scarf with the color of the awareness ribbon you want to acknowledge. For example, orange for leukemia awareness, or gold for childhood cancer awareness. If you wanted to get all fancy, you could change colors to have the solid rows a different color than the ribbon rows. I think I’ll try that next!


Here’s a picture of my mother on Christmas day modeling her scarf. Shh…don’t tell her I posted a picture of her! She’s shy! lol


Croched Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf


Like I said, the pattern for this scarf is super easy. You can easily learn it from this video. Really. It’s so easy, no written pattern is necessary! So grab some pink yarn and get crocheting!



If you make a ribbon scarf, let me know how it turned out!



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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath


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Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath

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I saw this picture on Facebook last October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I knew that my mother, a breast cancer survivor, would love it.


This is NOT my image. I found it on Facebook. There was no link to go with the picture, and no credit on the picture. If you know who this picture belongs to, let me know so I can give proper credit.



Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath


I did a quick online search, and I couldn’t find any ready made ribbon wreaths. Since I have my own grapevines in my yard, I decided to make my own. It was fall, the perfect time to cut the vines.

The first thing you have to do when working with grapevines, is soak them in water for a few hours. It will make them pliable enough to bend. Then I started bending them.


grapevine wreath


They didn’t want to bend in a nice circle, so I got out one of my metal tins that was a nice size for this project, and formed the grapevines around it. Making sure to leave two long tails for the ribbon. Of course, I had to take a break and have a nice cup of hot chocolate. It was chilly out, after all.


grapevine wreath


Once I had it as thick as I wanted it, I tied it together with wire. Ok, I used large twist ties. Use whatever wire thing you have on hand. Then I trimmed the ends so they were somewhat even.


Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath


Since I was making this into a breast cancer survivor ribbon, I used pink flowers. You could use whatever color and style of flowers you like. I hot glued the flowers onto one side of the grapevine ribbon. Use as many, and put them on as thick as you would like. I then looped a piece of ribbon through the top of the grapevine to hang it with. I tied it in a bow, and secured it with hot glue. You could also tie it in a knot instead of a bow.


Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath


My mother loved it!


Now, I know not everyone has grapes growing in their yard to get the vine from. So here a couple of ideas if you wanted to make a grapevine ribbon.


~Buy a large grapevine wreath, cut it in the middle at the bottom, and pull the two ends so they overlap, then tie together tightly.


~Use a grapevine garland, cut it to the length you want, form it into the ribbon shape, then tie it. You can experiment with forming the ribbon before cutting the garland, to see how long you want it.


I will be trying these methods in the future. I know some other people that would love one of these. Let me know how it comes out, if you try one!


Here are some options I found for purchasing grapevine that I think will be easy to use for making ribbon wreaths.



Pin it for later!


Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Grapevine Wreath


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Croched Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Scarf


*This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.